Otelz.com Deploys New Features Faster, Cut Costs by 53% with AWS

Kloia is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Executive Summary

Kloia helped Otelz.com modernize its Windows application environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), deliver new features in minutes instead of hours, scale to meet rapid business growth, and reduce operating costs by 53 percent. Kloia, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, migrated the Otelz.com IT environment to SQL Server on Linux and .NET Core running on AWS. Kloia also separated Otelz.com into multiple pieces, running on Kubernetes clusters managed by Amazon EKS.

Facing Fast Growth and Rising Costs

Thousands of travelers across Turkey use Otelz.com to reserve hotels, apartments, and other accommodations every day. More than 13,000 hotels rely on the website, which is the Turkish leader in online hotel booking for leisure and business.

For the past several years, Otelz.com has seen its web traffic grow by thousands of customers per month. As a result, Otelz.com needed more scalability to support growth in its Windows-based IT environment, which runs on AWS. Although Otelz.com operated its application environment on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for Windows Server, it sought more automation. “We had an environment that was not automated, so we couldn’t manage web traffic easily,” says Ibrahim Bakis, Head of Product Management for Otelz.com. This caused slower website performance, which impacted both external and internal application users. “We had to spend a lot of time on IT management and software deployment,” Bakis says. Additionally, because Otelz.com relied on the .NET Framework from Microsoft for development, it dealt with growing Windows licensing costs.

To enable automation and cost optimization, Otelz.com sought to modernize its environment. “We knew we had to upgrade our Windows environment on AWS to achieve our goals,” says Bakis.

Modernizing Windows Workloads on AWS

Otelz.com turned to Kloia, its longtime technology partner, to overcome its challenges. Kloia is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Microsoft Workloads and DevOps competency designations. “We help AWS customers modernize their IT environments to increase performance and drive cost efficiencies, and Otelz.com was the perfect candidate for seeing these benefits,” says Derya Sezen, Cloud and DevOps Consultant for Kloia.

Following an initial analysis of the Otelz.com deployment pipeline, Kloia led a modernization initiative for Otelz.com, moving from a Microsoft SQL Server database solution to SQL Server on Linux, and from .NET Framework to .NET Core. Kloia then separated the Otelz.com IT environment into multiple pieces, running on Kubernetes clusters managed by Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). “By decoupling the architecture, we enabled Otelz.com to independently deploy business domain artifacts into several subservices for more efficient scalability,” Sezen says. Kloia also implemented AWS Lambda–based serverless functions for better compatibility with .NET Core.

In addition, Otelz.com uses AWS Elastic Beanstalk to provision web servers and AWS Auto Scaling to automate web traffic scaling on demand. A database tier relies on multiple Availability Zones configured using Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). Environment monitoring and logging are managed by an AWS Elastic Beanstalk dashboard integrated with Amazon CloudWatch.

Delivering New Features in Minutes Instead of Hours

With all its deployments automated, the Otelz.com development team can focus on delivering more business functions rather than doing operational work. “Otelz.com has increased its development efficiency by 60 to 80 percent and its application performance by 51 percent, because its IT environment is fully automated,” says Sezen. Adds Bakis, “Previously, it took several hours to deploy new application features. By modernizing our Windows environment on AWS, we can deploy in minutes.” As a result, Otelz.com has developed new features for customers, such as a multilanguage website. “We can definitely better meet our customer needs for new features delivered faster now,” says Bakis.

Meeting Growth with Easier Scalability

By working with Kloia to modernize its application platform, Otelz.com has increased its ability to scale in response to increased traffic on its website. “Once we moved our Windows workloads to .NET Core and Linux on AWS, we were able to scale automatically, on demand, to meet our fast growth,” says Bakis. “Decoupling our architecture and containerizing applications made everything more efficient and streamlined. We previously had just one web server that we had to manually adjust as traffic increased.” Customers are now no longer plagued by performance issues, because the environment can automatically scale up or down based on traffic. “Customers can now have a consistently fast speed on the website,” Bakis says.

Cutting Licensing Costs by 53%

Since moving to SQL Server on Linux and .NET Core, Otelz.com has lowered its costs by 53 percent. “We have escaped many of our Windows and SQL Server licensing costs by modernizing on AWS and using Kubernetes for cluster management,” Bakis says. “This is a large cost reduction, which will help us put even more resources into developing new customer-centric features and focus on growing our business.”

"Previously, it took several hours to deploy new application features. By modernizing our Windows environment on AWS, we can deploy in minutes."

- Ibrahim Bakis, Head of Product Management, Otelz.com


About Otelz.com

Otelz.com, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, is the Turkish market leader in booking accommodations online. Founded in 2013, Otelz.com attracts customers from both the leisure and business travel sectors worldwide. The site finds the best prices for any type of property from small bed and breakfasts to five-star luxury hotels.

About Kloia

Kloia is a technology and consulting provider based in Turkey. An AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Kloia helps AWS customers transition legacy workloads to modern cloud, DevOps, and microservices technologies. Kloia works in seven countries with enterprises of all sizes in a range of industries.

Published December 2020