IPSB Accelerates Time-to-Market of Streaming Video and Mobile Applications for Radio Television Brunei

Executive Summary

IPSB relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to quickly deploy cloud solutions. The company, an AWS Select Technology Partner and an AWS Public Sector Partner, offers managed services while also assisting with big data, cloud initiatives, and digital media services. In deploying a television and video-on-demand streaming platform for Radio Television Brunei, IPSB used Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3 to store video content, Amazon CloudFront to minimize latency, and AWS Elemental Live for live video transcoding and packaging. IPSB also continues to benefit from the AWS Partner Transformation Program.

Ready-to-Go Cloud Environment Eliminates Trial-and-Error Deployments

IPSB Technology drives digital transformations for businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Based in Malaysia, the company launched operations in 2008, offering managed services for technology infrastructures while also assisting clients in managing big data, cloud initiatives, and digital media services.

One of the company’s customers in the media and entertainment industry is Radio Television Brunei (RTB). IPSB selected AWS to help RTB deploy a streaming internet platform, RTBGo, which broadcasts television and radio programs as well as on-demand entertainment and education videos and podcasts. The partnership between IPSB and AWS played a key role in the success of the project.

Mardhiah Nasir, Vice President of Sales for IPSB, says, “AWS provides the most mature cloud platform for the media and entertainment industry with a well-developed content delivery network and multi-screen video technology. We don’t have to go through a trial-and-error process when setting up solutions for our customers. The environment comes ready for our solutions to leverage.”

IPSB had considered other global cloud providers but found those platforms were built primarily for the general application server and storage environments. AWS goes beyond accommodating server and storage needs to also deliver technologies that streamline industry-specific workflows, such as multi-screen video for media and entertainment companies.

Speeding Up Time-to-Market for Customers

IPSB also appreciates how the reliability of the AWS environment and the range of AWS services shorten solution development time. That means IPSB customers can go to market sooner with solutions for its customers. For RTB, IPSB launched the RTBGo website within two months and accelerated the deployment of applications that allow consumers with Android and iOS devices to access content.

As a government entity that provides public broadcast services, RTB plays a key role in disseminating news and educational content to the citizens of Brunei. RTBGo proved valuable in both areas when stay-at-home mandates went into effect. As major news stories broke—and as an increasing number of students started logging in for class material—the workload on the website rose with occasional sharp spikes in activity.

“Since we launched RTBGo, site traffic has steadily increased by 20 percent each month, thanks to the consistent performance of the IPSB applications and the AWS infrastructure that deliver videos and other content,” says Ruzana Salleh, an IT Supervisory Engineer at RTB. “When the pandemic started in March, we held a press conference on our GoLive Channel, and Google Analytics recorded one of the highest demands on our content delivery network—57 terabytes by more than 140,000 users.”

During this time, RTBGo site activity jumped by 600 percent as people checked out all the news. The automatic scaling capabilities and changes applied by IPSB as it monitored the RTB AWS environment allowed the site to handle the increased workload.

“Since we launched RTBGo, site traffic has steadily increased by 20 percent each month, thanks to the consistent performance of the IPSB applications and the AWS infrastructure that deliver videos and other content.”

- Ruzana Salleh, IT Supervisory Engineer, Radio Television Brunei

AWS Services and Partner Programs Help Fuel Business Growth

In deploying the AWS infrastructure for the RTB solution, IPSB relied on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) server instances, which ensure the scalability and availability of RTB content. IPSB also set up Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets for RTB to store video content and uses Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network, to minimize latency for customers watching videos. IPSB also uses AWS Elemental Live to encode live videos and deliver streaming channels for RTB 24/7.

In addition to the AWS technologies supporting IPSB solutions, two AWS partner programs have helped grow the business over the past six years. As a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, IPSB has gained experience in delivering AWS solutions to government, education, and nonprofit customers. IPSB has also leveraged the AWS Partner Transformation Program to accelerate its AWS Cloud adoption journey across the business.

“AWS programs expedite the cloud-readiness of our solutions and speed up the go-to-market timelines of our offerings,” Mardhiah Nasir says. “We also have access to AWS private pricing plans and bundled services that we can use to reduce the cost of our solutions for our customers. This was particularly beneficial in helping us close on the business with RTB.”

A Difficult Combination to Beat

On the RTB project, Mardhiah Nasir says the benefits of working with AWS as a technology partner exceeded expectations. AWS used a seamless and time-saving workflow to help the two companies collaborate, and the launch of the project went off without a hitch.

Comparing AWS to other technology providers, Mardhiah Nasir finds it easier to access technical and business support resources, without going through multiple layers of the organization. “The online tools AWS provides are also easy to use, and there’s a great library of resources we can tap into,” Mardhiah Nasir points out. “For example, when we developed an AI solution, we reviewed case studies of other AWS partners that had already achieved a solution similar to what we wanted to do.”

From the customer perspective, Ruzana Salleh says the combination of IPSB and AWS is hard to beat: “The video and web applications developed by IPSB—along with the cloud infrastructure technologies provided by AWS—allow us to focus on generating quality news, education, and entertainment content for our audiences. It gives us confidence to know we can trust IPSB to make sure our services are always functioning at a high level, and there’s an extra layer of trust knowing IPSB is backed up by AWS.”

Looking ahead, IPSB plans to continue evolving its solutions and developing new services that rely on AWS technologies. “AWS has hundreds of services, and so far, we are tapping into just a fraction,” says Mardhiah Nasir. “AWS will continue to help by training us on other technologies and recommending ones that align well with our solutions. AWS is a great partner for helping take cloud solutions to market and deploying them quickly for customers.”

“AWS is a great partner for helping take cloud solutions to market and deploying them quickly for customers.”

- Mardhiah Nasir, Vice President of Sales, IPSB

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Published February 2021