AWS Partner Rsupport Keeps the World Connected with Remote Software by Leveraging AWS Technology and the AWS SaaS Factory Program

Partner Success Story – Rsupport

Founded in 2001, Rsupport is a cloud-based remote solutions company. By developing proprietary technologies since the company’s inception and focusing on targeting global markets through continuous development of new technologies, Rsupport ranks fifth in the world and first in domestic and Asian markets for remote support and remote control solutions. In addition, Rsupport provides support for global cloud-based service deployment and mobile-related technologies, embedded systems production, web video conferencing, and source technologies for remote control. It has several key services including RemoteView, which allows customers to connect to their company PC and work in the same environment as their office; RemoteCall, which allows customers to quickly solve problems remotely without visiting customers directly; and RemoteMeeting, which supports quick and easy online meetings. Rsupport services are used by more than 300,000 customers worldwide, including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, NTT DOCOMO, and Bouygues Telecom. Rsupport was registered as an AWS Technology Partner in May 2020 and in the same year achieved Advanced Tier, the highest tier for AWS Technology Partner.


Since its launch in 2001, Rsupport has looked for ways to consistently deliver high-quality services to global customers in Japan, the United States, and Europe. It was a challenge to reliably provide global services using only domestic IDCs. In the event that an IDC center was established locally, it was also difficult to respond quickly to maintenance issues. As it was hard to predict rapid traffic changes due to the nature of remote-support applications, Rsupport needed the scalability and flexibility of infrastructure, which would allow the company to increase or decrease its capacity with user growth. To provide the most reliable and high-quality service 24/7 without any interruptions, Rsupport needed the ability to configure redundant server systems, scale up systems quickly and securely under heavy simultaneous traffic, and take advantage of various services for developing and operating its products. To satisfy all the requirements, Rsupport concluded that the cloud was more suitable than on-premise environments. Additionally, Rsupport found that AWS was the ideal choice given its time and cost effectiveness and Rsupport's need for a large number of development personnel to focus on securing patents and source technologies 

Why Amazon Web Services?

Rsupport’s SaaS-based services—RemoteView, RemoteCall, and RemoteMeeting—are used by customers all over the world across all industries. By leveraging the vast global infrastructure of AWS, the company has been able to deliver services to global customers faster than before when needed. Also, the ability to use convenient solutions only when required has reduced the time and cost spent on purchasing and deploying server instances. As there is no need to manage infrastructure itself, Rsupport has been able to focus more time and effort on implementing core businesses and services. With the spread of COVID-19, AWS Cloud has allowed the company to handle the heavy traffic caused by the surge in demand for remote classes and remote work services. Compared to January before the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for RemoteMeeting increased significantly in Korea in March and the demand for RemoteView, the remote control solution, increased significantly in Japan in April. The demand for virtual private networks (VPN) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) used to perform on-site jobs remotely also increased significantly around the same time period. In Japan, a competing company failed to maintain stable services due to the increase in users following COVID-19. Due to this service failure, Rsupport was able to absorb those users. The scalability and flexibility of AWS allowed Rsupport to provide the services seamlessly despite the rapid increase in traffic, thereby enabling the company to consolidate its technological prowess and position as a market leader.

"With the help of AWS scalability and flexibility, Rsupport was able to provide service with no down time even with 50 times traffic increase in this COVID-19 situation."

- Yangwon Nam, CMO, Rsupport

“Due to the nature of the application, a sudden increase in traffic can cause problems such as server crashes, but AWS allows us to adjust computing resources dynamically as traffic grows, so we can prepare for this without difficulty and continue to deliver reliable services. Rsupport has been able to deliver services by scaling up without any issues for traffic that is more than 50 times greater than usual due to the outbreak of COVID-19,” explained Yangwon Nam, the CMO of Rsupport.


Rsupport uses AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control permissions so that resources for development can be accessed only by authorized users. They also use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and AWS Auto Scaling to handle highly volatile traffic, and Elastic Load Balancing for traffic distribution. The managed service Amazon RDS for MariaDB has made DB management easy and possible even for small teams.

Rsupport Network Architecture Diagram

“By using AWS managed services, we have been able to minimize development time, server management time, and service failure costs for new services. And what’s more, we have also been able to focus our development team’s capabilities on key areas of product development,” said CTO Taekjoong Kim. As a result, Rsupport is currently planning to scale up RemoteMeeting, which can currently only be used by 30 or fewer people, to accommodate more than 100 people at a time. The company is also developing a solution called RemoteSeminar for online seminars (webinars) and plans to launch it within the year.

Through the AWS SaaS Factory Program, Rsupport is upgrading its SaaS services while the dedicated Partner Solutions Architect (SA) provides a wide range of technical support for cost optimization and performance improvement of the SaaS architecture. Hyungsu Seo, the CEO of Rsupport, said, “Through Rsupport’s remote service source technologies, customer-oriented support services, and stable global infrastructure of AWS, we would like to provide opportunities to experience the efficiency and productivity of telecommuting as a business continuity plan (BCP) that many companies could not have prepared for.”

Next Steps

Rsupport is a customer of AWS and an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. The AWS Partner Network Program offers a wide range of business, marketing, and technological benefits. By supporting POC funds to develop SaaS services and marketing funds to attract customers, AWS has created a “win-win” scenario for both companies to grow together. Rsupport plans to continue its work with AWS to expand its position in the global market.

About Rsupport


Country: APAC (Korea HQ)
Partner Tier: Advanced
Partner Type: Technology

Rsupport is a developer and supplier of remote access and web collaboration software products and services for Enterprises and SMBs. Founded in 2001, Rsupport manages global remote support and remote control technology.

APN Program Participation

Published January 2021