Vision33 is a global IT professional services consultancy that solves customer business challenges through the promise of technology and the value it delivers. The company partners with growing and large organizations in both the public and private sectors to understand their vision and help them attain it with the right blend of strategy, consulting, and technology. Vision33 has experience delivering solutions to support every core business function. Their work spans all major industries.

Vision33 is an SAP gold partner and the largest global partner for SAP Business One. Vision33 implements business processes that challenge businesses to improve efficiencies and attain goals for growth and success. Vision33 employs over 400 results-driven people globally to provide world-class experiences through office locations across North America and Europe.

SAP Business One on AWS is a fully integrated and certified cloud solution. Vision33’s mission is not only to be the largest implementer of SAP Business One worldwide, but to ensure it’s providing customers with the guidance they need to understand how they can get the most out of SAP Business One. “We ensure that customers get the most value from their investment. Vision33 consultants don’t simply implement SAP Business One. Vision33 consultants develop a detailed understanding of each customer's business and educate the customer on how they can use SAP Business One as a continued foundation for their business requirements,” explains Alex Rooney, vice president of Vision33 USA. As the company began to experience demand for cloud-based solutions from its customer base, the team saw the opportunity afforded through the cloud to provide customers with rapid provisioning capabilities around the globe and high availability. This would also reduce total cost of ownership.

The Vision33 team focused on building a relationship with AWS for many reasons. “In AWS, we saw the opportunity to work with an SAP Certified company with a strong brand, a robust global footprint, and Enterprise-level solutions,” says Rooney. “SAP products are certified for production deployment on AWS, and it meant we could have the confidence to know that our customers can access SAP Business One from anywhere, at any time, with maximum uptime. This enables us to offer greater value to our customers.” The company has focused its cloud-based efforts on AWS. “We feel we better serve our customers when we are committed to working with one partner, and we can excel when we offer a focused product, such as SAP Business One,” explains Gabriel Romero, cloud IT architect at Vision33.

Vision33 offers a number of services to customers for SAP Business One. “We provide customers with daily database backup, where we utilize an automated SQL backup service to ensure that the data and configuration are backed up daily. We conduct a monthly review of installed software (exclusive of Business One ERP software), and maintain the operating environment in accordance with SAP requirements. We monitor system performance on a real-time basis to ensure the system is performing adequately, and in addition to all of these services, we offer storage, disaster recovery, and temporary test/upgrade environments for customers,” says Mike Byrd, manager of IT operations at Vision33. “We cater to customers with both low and high transaction volumes. The scalability of the AWS platform has been key for us to be able to meet varying customer requirements and needs.”

A number of AWS Services are used by the Vision33 team as they support customers on the platform. These include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Route 53 DNS, Amazon Simple Email Service, Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), and AWS CloudFormation. “AWS CloudFormation allows us to automate the build process for customers, which leads to a faster turnaround time to test and build new customer environments, as opposed to building new environments on-premise,” explains Byrd. “We’ve been able to create and manage infrastructure, and application stack in a predictable and controlled way, based on templates that we create to model the customer’s infrastructure.”

“AWS has enabled us to provide both new and existing customers with business solutions that run on AWS while meeting SAP’s product standards for IT infrastructure,” says Rooney. “Also, our customers can now leverage the cloud as a rapid delivery platform for their SAP Business One system. Internally, AWS has provided us with a strategic cloud partnership for an infrastructure solution we never had in the past.” Since becoming an APN Partner in 2011, Vision33 has been able to drive substantial growth to its base. The company has also benefited in migrating internally to AWS. “Internally, in early January of this year, we decided to move to the AWS cloud. We were able to architect the environment and migrate Business One to AWS within a week. As a fast-growing company, it’s been crucial that we’ve been able to easily add new users to the system,” says Byrd.

Using the AWS platform has also opened up new business opportunities for Vision33 through the ability to offer customers SAP Business One on HANA. “By building on AWS, we now offer customers SAP Business One on HANA, which runs on a Linux platform,” explains Romero. “With this offering, our customers with SAP Business One on HANA no longer need to worry about how to manage their on-premise Linux servers. We can also automate SAP Business One on HANA builds, compared to the traditional methods of sourcing servers from vendors.”

Vision33 has experienced a substantial benefit working closely with the AWS Partner Network and utilizing benefits and resources through the APN, such as the AWS Competency Program. “We decided to participate in the Competency Program as we are committed to extending the transformative power of SAP Business One to our customers through AWS,” says Rooney. “The Competency Program has been a valuable differentiator for us, as we are the only SAP Business One Partner to have achieved the AWS SAP Competency.”

“Overall, our experience with the APN has been great,” explains Rooney. “We’ve received tremendous support from the APN to enable us to understand better the AWS business, possess the skills and technical knowledge to deploy on the AWS platform, and to drive more joint business together.” The company plans to move more of its existing customers from on-premises environments to AWS, and will be using AWS to explore adding additional DR and backup solutions as part of its product portfolio to customers. Says Rooney, “We’re excited to see what other opportunities will come through working with the APN.”

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