Accelerating Customer Outcomes with AWS Enterprise Support

Cloud expertise that helps accelerate your strategic outcomes

Engagements throughout your Cloud Journey

Helping customers accelerate outcomes on AWS is an important aspect of AWS Enterprise Support. Architectural and operational guidance is offered throughout your cloud journey, delivered in the context of your applications and use cases to help you receive the greatest value from AWS. Whether you’re migrating workloads to AWS, building new applications, or innovating with GenAI, AWS Enterprise Support offers structured engagements that span across the AWS Well-Architected pillars. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) works closely with your team to provide an ongoing series of engagements tailored to your needs throughout your cloud journey.

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AWS Technical Account Managers

AWS Technical Account Managers are highly technical and bring cloud expertise to your team, with a breadth of knowledge across industries and technical domains including the latest cutting-edge services. From onboarding onward, TAMs consult on the key pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability. Your engagement begins with proactive planning, where your TAM assesses your cloud maturity and advises you across the Well-Architected pillars to inform your strategy, and helps to build your teams’ cloud expertise with hands-on workshops. TAMs provide insights on the progress made towards your desired outcomes with AWS best practices in mind, and help you validate performance against those outcomes through Strategic Business Reviews and optimization exercises that offer opportunities for continuous improvement.

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Proactive Planning

From the very beginning of your Enterprise Support subscription, your TAM is committed to empowering you to get the most out of AWS services and advance your strategic outcomes.

Onboarding begins as soon as you subscribe to AWS Enterprise Support. Your TAM assesses your cloud maturity and introduces key features, benefits, how-to guides, and available engagements. Onboarding typically lasts 90 days, and sets the stage for AWS to help you plan for long-term success using AWS services.

Your TAM works with you to define and refine strategic outcomes on AWS across Well-Architected pillars. Your team will participate in planning workshops, define strategic outcomes, and identify the critical proactive AWS engagements to support your cloud journey. Through this collaborative approach, your TAM will develop a customized support plan with initiatives based on your unique needs.

AWS Countdown, included in AWS Enterprise Support, offers architecture guidance, scaling recommendations, and expert operational support during the preparation and execution of planned events, such as shopping holidays, product launches, live streams, and migrations. Your TAM will help you assess operational readiness, identify and mitigate risks, and execute your event confidently with AWS experts by your side.

Advisory Services

A key aspect of success in the cloud is ensuring that your applications and architecture are designed to be reliable, secure, performant, cost-effective, and sustainable. Your AWS Enterprise Support plan includes Well-Architected Reviews and comprehensive engagements that dive into your applications and operations, evaluate them, and plan for improvements. These include:

A set of reviews, guidance, and reporting activities for preparing, managing, and optimizing cloud operations for optimal cloud health using AWS best practices for Management and Governance. Your TAM helps you establish recommended guardrails, processes, and best practices around your cloud governance. The TAM will also share operational insights and remediation recommendations to improve observability in the cloud. Incident Management Workshops can test your existing incident procedures against a hypothetical incident using incident management best practices.

At AWS, security is our top priority. Your AWS TAM provides expert guidance on confidentiality and integrity of your data, establishing access controls and proactively detecting security events. Structured security reviews, a Security Improvement Program, and deep dives on AWS Security Services  provide you with prescriptive guidance on long-term security improvement strategies through prioritized recommendations for your applications and use cases.

Your AWS TAM provides guidance along the Reliability pillar to help strengthen your cloud infrastructure and prevent unwanted downtime. Through a collaborative approach, your TAM can offer resiliency reviews to assess architecture and process deficiencies, provide prescriptive guidance on AWS best practices, and develop a customized resiliency plan aligned with your business outcomes to help you reduce impact and withstand unplanned failures.

AWS TAMs conduct AWS Service Deep Dives to review usage and provide recommendations optimized for workload requirements, monitoring performance, and maintaining efficiency as business needs evolve. TAMs can also help you improve your health posture through scalability reviews and capacity planning. Your TAM can also help guide you to achieve the maximum benefits from your provisioned resources and minimize the total resources required to achieve your sustainability goals.

Enterprise Support helps you build in a scalable, cost effective, and sustainable way on AWS. Your TAM helps you create and deliver actionable plans that optimize spend through building a FinOps practice across your teams. We help you focus on ongoing cost efficiency as well as immediate savings. Customers on AWS Enterprise Support can experience more than 15% cost savings across select services when compared with customers with similar total AWS spend on other tiers of AWS Support.

Cloud Expertise

AWS Enterprise Support offers a variety of engagements designed to increase your team’s expertise in AWS services.

An AWS GameDay is a gamified learning event that challenges participants to use AWS solutions to solve real-world technical problems in a team-based setting. As an Enterprise Support customer, your TAM will recommend and facilitate game days that further your goals and help your team prepare for a variety of scenarios and events.

Immersion Days are a series of events conducted by your AWS TAM, designed to educate your team on AWS services and help develop the skills needed to build, deploy, and operate your infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Immersion Days leverage a modular content format and are structured to provide general overviews of a given service or solution. Hands-on labs provide an immersive experience in the AWS console.

AWS Workshops and Hackathons are hands-on events that enable you to experiment with AWS services and features in a collaborative environment. Led by AWS TAMs, these sessions provide a safe and fun space to develop new skills, explore innovative solutions, and optimize your AWS environment. Collaborate with peers, learn best practices, and gain practical experience using AWS services.

Continuous Improvement

AWS Support offers structured reviews, tools, and programs that help you get the most out of AWS services and improve your usage continuously over time as your AWS environment evolves.

The AWS Strategic Business Review (SBR) delivers an assessment of your cloud health and progress towards your outcomes as defined in the Strategic Support Plan. This is a joint strategic alignment between you and AWS to review past activity and AWS best practices required to meet your goals. On a semi-annual cadence, or as requested by you, TAMs offer Strategic Business Reviews that cover governance, cost management, security, and other pillars as needed for building successfully on AWS.

AWS Trusted Advisor continuously surfaces optimization recommendations on how you can better configure and use AWS services. These recommendations span pillars of security, cost optimization, reliability, performance, and operational excellence. Enterprise Support customers get recommendations that are personalized for their critical workloads. Leveraging the entire Trusted Advisor suite, your AWS TAM conducts application and infrastructure reviews to help you improve your AWS environment in alignment with your desired business outcomes.

Working backwards from your strategic outcomes, AWS Enterprise Support helps you continuously improve cloud health through advisory services, cloud expertise, and tools. Following the AWS shared responsibility model, TAMs conduct workshops to help you build a consistent approach to monitoring and observability of your AWS environment aligned with business and operational metrics. AWS Health provides ongoing visibility into your resource performance and the availability of your AWS services and accounts through the AWS Health Dashboard, Health API, and Amazon EventBridge.