AWS Shield

Maximize application availability and responsiveness with managed DDoS protection

How it works

AWS Shield is a managed DDoS protection service that safeguards applications running on AWS.

Diagram showing how Shield Advanced tailors protection against DDoS events.
AWS Shield Animated Explainer Video (1:31)
Why Shield?
AWS Shield Advanced is a tailored protection program that identifies threats using exabyte-scale detection to aggregate data across AWS.

Use cases

Automatically scrub bad traffic at specific layers

Protect applications and APIs from SYN floods, UDP floods, or other reflection attacks.

Learn more about protecting web applications and APIs »

Minimize application downtime and latency

Deploy inline mitigations such as deterministic packet filtering and priority-based traffic shaping to stop basic network-layer attacks.

Learn more about protecting latency-sensitive applications »

Monitor and protect up to 1,000 resource types

Activate automatic detection, mitigation, or protection for each resource type per AWS account.

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How to get started

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Get always-on, heuristics-based network flow monitoring and inline attack mitigation.

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