Get more out of your startup spend

Extend your startup’s runway, eliminate unnecessary spending, and conserve resources in a changing environment. Get started on your cost-optimization journey.  

Cost optimization for every startup

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dedicated to helping startups at every stage of their lifecycle optimize their cloud costs, from inception to migration to IPO. With our cost-optimization tools and programs, startups can achieve savings of up to 40 percent. Access computing resources as you need them on a pay-as-you-go basis, experiment at a faster pace, pivot quickly if an idea isn’t working, and recover easily with minimal financial impact.

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AWS Cost Optimization Series Introduction

AWS Cost-optimization series

Watch our videos to learn how to maximize your AWS spend by implementing cost-optimization best practices. These videos are designed to help you understand how the cost-optimization tools work and how to build them in your accounts in less than five minutes. Happy building!

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How startups can thrive in a challenging market

Building a startup can be challenging, but with the right support, technology tools, and mentorship, you can learn how to prove what’s possible.

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Build and scale while managing your spend with AWS Activate

AWS Activate members get free tools, resources, content, and expert support to accelerate their startups at every stage. Benefits include up to $100,000 in AWS Activate credits* usable for AWS services and support and up to $800,000 in exclusive offers for business tools and services offered by our partners to help accelerate your startup’s growth.

*All AWS credits are in USD and subject to the AWS Promotional Credit Terms & Conditions.
Third-party offers are subject to change and may vary from those listed. Eligibility requirements may apply.

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4 reasons to join AWS Activate today

Follow the four steps outlined in this infographic to join and start building and scaling your startup while optimizing costs.

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Boost your startup with AWS Activate

Build a startup primed for scale and success.


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How 6 startups build, launch, and grow with AWS Activate

Unleash your startup’s potential with AWS credits*, member offers, and more.

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Explore these featured eBooks and this featured infographic to discover how startups like yours optimize costs with AWS.
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Boost your startup application while lowering costs

Eight ways to reduce cloud costs and innovate more for virtually every application.

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3 ways to optimize your startup spend

How startups can cut costs and grow faster on AWS.

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Startup guide to data cost optimization

How startups can scale and save using data services on AWS.

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Cloud-to-AWS migration guide for startups

Why leading startups move their workloads to AWS.

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7 tips for startup founders

Better allocate compute and manage costs while maintaining performance with these tips.

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Take the guesswork out of managing your budget

With these AWS tools, you can better understand your costs before you start building, optimize your architecture for cost-efficiency, get helpful alerts, set budgets to manage costs, and ensure long-term scalability.

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AWS Cloud Economics for Startups

Discover how AWS can help your startup optimize and minimize spend.

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AWS Cost Explorer

Leverage an easy-to-use interface to visualize, understand, and manage your AWS costs and usage over time.

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AWS Budgets

Manage and stick to your spending plans, track your costs and usage, and respond quickly if you exceed your threshold.

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AWS Services Map

Discover how AWS can support your startup from ideation to growth.

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AWS is committed to supporting startups

Optimize costs to build at a pace that suits your startup. Future-proof your journey with a well-architected solution. Think creatively about fundraising and scale to extend your runway. AWS is your one-stop shop and center of trust for all things cloud and cost optimization.