From healthcare to utilities and from transit to city planning, local and regional governments are embracing innovation.  Take a look at what these agencies and their partners are doing to move government forward on behalf of their citizens.

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South Central Planning and Development Commission, Louisiana

GPS.MyGovernmentOnline is a cloud based asset accountability, location, and tracking solution designed for government agencies of any size. This solution is tailor built for a wide range of applications such as simple tracking of vehicles, work order management with employee arrival notifications, even asset inventory management. This is an effective application because it is developed by a government agency for government agencies.

King County

King County is replacing a costly and complex tape-based backup and archive environment with a solution that combines highly automated, physical and virtual (Microsoft Hyper-V) NetApp AltaVault cloud integrated storage appliances with Glacier and S3 Amazon Web Services. The solution enables the county to facilitate secure, reliable, enterprise class-data protection and recovery across production and test/dev environments with significant speed and management improvements, as well as cost efficiencies, over tape. Also, because it lets the County retain its existing backup software, the IT team can continue to use familiar tools, which has made the transition to cloud-based backup even easier

Louisville Metro Data Initiatives

Louisville's data initiatives take the form of open data and data-driven performance. Mayor Greg Fisher has made it a priority for Louisville Metro Government to be open and transparent by default as well as utilize data to improve performance. These visions for Louisville have manifested into custom sites hosted on AWS infrastructure which provide citizens meaningful insights into government priorities and actions. Using these tools, citizens can review, analyze and comment on the ongoing process of government in a way that was previously unavailable.


CKAN Multisite is an open source project that makes it trivial for state, regional, and local governments to setup and run their own Open Data infrastructure. This includes the ability to spin up and manage multiple CKAN data catalogs with a click of a button. State and local governments wish to adopt open data policies and technology, but many open data software vendors remain too expensive for smaller governments with tight budgets.

CKAN Multisite gives cities an easy way to deploy CKAN on cloud infrastructure such as AWS. It also gives state and regional governments the power to provide infrastructure to their cities and counties. It even paves the way for smaller open data vendors to roll out their own CKAN clouds. We are hoping the project will greatly increase the rate of open data adoption among all levels of state and local government.

Grupo TX

As a highly customizable solution, ARI offers governments the opportunity to manage relations with its citizens. Once it has been configured to adapt to their needs, our software helps them by optimizing their processes and thus maximizing control and increasing their efficiency.
ARI raises the bar when it comes to reporting, transparency, and ensuring the safety of sensible information. Due to seamless integration with external entities such as banks and government agencies, ARI maximizes the efficiency of processes.
We offer citizens the opportunity to apply for services and pay taxes quickly and easily by using our public tools.

Park Smart

PARK SMART is a software platform which indicates in real time the availability of parking lots in monitored areas.
The software uses the physical infrastructure of video sensors, even the ones already existing in the territory, to process the images and provide information on the availability of parking to a mobile APP. The system monitors not only the single parking space but even each car parked, allowing our customer to provide a varied number of additional services.

Quicket Solutions

Quicket Solutions provides cloud-based, mission critical solutions for law enforcement and other public agencies. Its e-citation, report, and evidence collection platform provides a turnkey solution that enables digitization of information at the source of incident along with real-time data sharing, fast and easy report generation, and comprehensive real-time data analytics. Quicket enables its clients to increase officer safety, recapture lost revenue, recognize new revenue, boost patrol officer productivity and increase public convenience. Equally important, Quicket’s platform represents a game changing departure from current e-citation models by offering municipal clients a revolutionary pay-as-you-go, zero upfront cost model.

Seamless Docs

SeamlessDocs is the most seamless way to a paperless government. The platform allows anyone to easily convert existing forms and PDFs into smart online versions. Once converted they can be completed from any device, receive attachments, integrate payments and apply a legally binding eSignature. On the backend it creates a database of information collected with API access and workflow tools to fully automate the process of the forms. SeamlessDocs specializes in working with governments and has hundreds of governments in almost every state leveraging the platform to help them meet efficiency, green and savings initiatives. It utilizes Amazon to give world class infrastructure and security to its customers with the click of a button.


Vizalytics Technology Inc

Vizalytics Technology is a data company. We use open government data to provide on-the-go insight for local businesses, residents and government agencies. We continuously ingest dozens of data sets at the city, state, and federal level to create our knowledge graph. The graph is multidimensional and updates in real time. Different users access different lenses on the graph. For local shopkeepers we have Mind My Business (app), for residents (website), and for government clients, Local Insight


Viewscan is a web application that allows users to access geo-referenced pictures in a virtual environment, made from spherical images, and move through streets and places. It has the ability to integrate with GIS and transactional systems in order to visualize information and description to each assets and point of interest from our system. This way you can keep track of urban changes, local businesses, transportation, public services, traffic, environmental landmarks, advertising and locations.
Viewscans’s Visual Intelligence feature enables users to analyze information turning Data into Value. Easily consolidating, searching, and visually analyzing all their data.


CemeteryHost provides an application for users to quickly and easily locate graves in Marquette’s historic Park Cemetery. Users have the ability to access the application by PC or smartphone, search by name and easily identify the location of the grave they are seeking to find.

City of Chicago - OpenGrid

OpenGrid is an open-source geographical information system that supports real-time monitoring of data and historical data retrieval using open data. Users will be able to query multiple data sources by time, location, or around your current location. Users can choose to search within pre-defined areas (neighborhoods) or user-defined locations (e.g., any polygon). For example, a resident who is planning on participating in a local street festival could see real-time weather, road closures, transit data, Tweets, residential complaints and other information in the area so they may understand and plan their weekend accordingly.


Trouver is a cross-platform where users can collaboratively track anything with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. It is an easy way to track anyone or anything, from your loved ones, to the things you could not afford to lose. Whoever or whatever they are, Trouver helps you track them anywhere and anytime. Just slip or attach Trouver tracker to them and worry no more on their whereabouts. Whenever you are far away from them, every nearby phone with the Trouver app helps track them by securely informing their locations to you.