Scaling Data with Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)

Join our AWS NoSQL experts to dive deep on Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra).

Experts from the Amazon Keyspaces team will provide product demos and technical presentations on topics such as Cassandra Query Language (CQL) best practices, serverless concepts for developers, how to optimize your application code, and integrating Amazon Keyspaces with other AWS services and developer tools.

Scaling Data with Amazon Keyspaces live streams every third-Thursday of the month at 1 PM Pacific time on the AWS Twitch channel.

Next episode: Thursday July 21, 2022

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Amazon Keyspaces and Apache Cassandra developer tools

Get more information on the developer tools that our experts discuss and demonstrate on the show.

Amazon Keyspaces developer toolkit

This repository provides a Docker image with helpful developer tools for Amazon Keyspaces. For example, it includes a CQLSHRC file with best practices, an optional AWS authentication expansion for the CQL shell (cqlsh), and helper tools to perform common tasks. The toolkit is optimized for Amazon Keyspaces but also works with Apache Cassandra clusters.

CloudFormation templates to create CloudWatch dashboards for Amazon Keyspaces metrics

This repository provides AWS CloudFormation templates to quickly set up Amazon CloudWatch metrics for Amazon Keyspaces. Using this template will help you get started by providing deployable prebuilt CloudWatch dashboards with commonly used metrics.

Examples using Amazon Keyspaces with Lambda

The repository contains examples that show how to connect to Amazon Keyspaces from AWS Lambda.

Meet our Amazon Keyspaces and Apache Cassandra NoSQL experts

Michael Raney

Michael Raney is a Sr. Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services.

Gautham Shanmugam

Gautham is a Sr. Business Development Manager with Amazon Web Services.

Arturo Hinojosa

Arturo Hinojosa is a Senior Manager on the Amazon Keyspaces product management team.

Brian Houser

Brian is a Senior Software Developer on the Amazon Keyspaces engineering team.

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