AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a content personalization and monetization service that lets you serve video with targeted ads to viewers while maintaining broadcast-level quality-of-service. The service can be accessed through the AWS Management Console and configured to your video workflow using standard advertising protocols. Used as a standalone service or integrated with AWS Media Services, AWS Elemental MediaTailor supports your video advertising strategies while automatically scaling to peak viewership for on-demand or live events on a local, regional or global basis.

Key features

Server-side Ad Insertion

Insert advertising content upstream, prior to video delivery
AWS Elemental MediaTailor allows you to insert advertising content at the location of the start of a requested stream, prior to delivery. This eliminates the need to build and maintain unique configurations for every type of client device in order to insert personalized ads during video playback. Instead, the service generates and maintains a unique “manifest file” for each viewer, which is used to deliver ad placements that are personalized to the individual. Advertising content is seamlessly inserted into the primary content stream and can be played from the same source location to reduce the risk of buffering caused by high format and bitrate variability during video playback. This also reduces the effects of ad blocking software by making it difficult to distinguish ads from other content.

On-the-fly Ad Insertion

Insert video advertising assets on demand
Unlike solutions that can only deliver the same set of ads to large groups of viewers, AWS Elemental MediaTailor identifies and delivers advertising content that is personalized to each viewer using client metrics to inform advertising decisions based on information the video distributor knows about the viewer such as geographic location, browsing history, or gender.
The service accomplishes this by requesting advertising assets from ad decision servers which determine placement and timing of ads, prepare the ad content to match the specifications of the primary video stream, and insert them as requested by viewing devices. As a result, your audiences enjoy the same seamless experience from over-the-top (OTT) video content as they expect from traditional broadcast TV.

Client-side Measurement and Reporting

Capture accurate, granular measurement of ad impressions
Accurate measurement and reporting of internet-delivered video advertising helps ensure that advertisers and video providers are compensated for every ad placement. Advertisers and associations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) call for granular playback metrics, allowing ad impressions to be awarded based on the percentage of a video ad that was played. While many server-side ad insertion solutions can only count ad requests, AWS Elemental MediaTailor achieves the IAB level of playback metrics by implementing advertising measurement and reporting from the client side through playback observation APIs deployed on the viewing device. In addition, AWS Elemental Media Tailor reports server-side ad metrics for legacy set-top boxes and other devices where changes to the viewing device is not possible, in line with IAB specifications.

Automatic Scaling

Scale resources up or down with viewership
AWS Elemental MediaTailor automatically scales with the number of concurrent viewers, maintaining consistent performance and quality of service for your internet-delivered video content as viewership goes up or down.

Your Choice of Video Workflow Components

Use the vendors and solutions you choose

With AWS Elemental MediaTailor, you are not limited to specific vendors or solutions, including those components of the video workflow that operate directly with the service: the content delivery network (CDN), ad decision server, and origin server. The service works with most standard CDN or ad decision servers, and works with origin servers accessible over HTTP that can be configured using common video streaming protocol and proper ad markers.

Use Independently or with AWS Media Services

Make use of built-in integration or deploy on its own
As one of the AWS Media Services, you can choose to use AWS Elemental MediaTailor as a standalone service or integrate it with AWS services for live video encoding, VOD processing, just-in-time packaging, or media-optimized storage. Additionally, other AWS services, such as the Amazon CloudFront CDN, offer seamless interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaTailor.