With AWS Elemental MediaTailor, you are charged based on the number of ads inserted into your video streams. If you use the integrated ad transcoding capabilities at a rate of more than 10 transcodes per 1000 ad insertions, there will be additional charges for the additional transcodes.

There are no upfront costs or minimum fees.

Ad Insertion Pricing

Cost per thousand ad insertions/month

Ad Transcoding Pricing

In order to match the video quality of the ad content to the main program, AWS Elemental MediaTailor provides on-the-fly transcoding of the ad content using AWS Elemental MediaConvert. 10 unique ads can be transcoded per thousand ad insertions without incurring additional cost. Additional ad transcodes are charged at the on-demand basic tier rates for MediaConvert usage.

For example, the rates for transcoded output for US East (N Virginia) are $0.0075 per minute for SD, $0.015 per minute for HD, and $0.003 per minute for audio only content.

For more details, visit the AWS Elemental MediaConvert pricing page.

Pricing Examples

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 1
  • If there are 1,000 viewers watching a live stream that has 3 ad breaks, each containing 5 separate ads, this would result in a total of 15,000 ad insertions and would cost $11.25 in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

    3 ad break * 5 ads = 15 ads
    15 ads * 1000 viewers = 15,000 ad insertions
    15,000 ad insertions * $0.75 per 1000 ad insertions = $11.25

    In this scenario, up to 150 ad creatives are included in the transcoding pricing without additional charges.

  • Example 2
  • Consider the same use case as Example 1 with 15,000 ad insertions in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. Assume that the main program uses an adaptive bit rate group with 5 streams. For the 5 streams of the main program, 2 of the streams are HD and 3 are SD. If the 15,000 ad insertions were each 30 secs long and required 200 ads to be transcoded into the same format as the main program, your price for the transcoding would be $1.3125.

    200 ad creatives – 150 free ad creatives = 50 ad creatives charged at on-demand AWS Elemental MediaConvert basic tier rates in US East (N. Virginia)

    50 ad creatives * 30 seconds = 25 minutes
    (25 mins * 2 HD streams per ad * $0.015 = $0.75)
    (25 mins * 3 SD streams per ad * $0.0075 = $0.5625)

    $0.75 + $0.5625 = $1.3125

Additional Charges

You may incur additional charges when you serve content outside of AWS. If the ad segments and personalized manifests are delivered to a destination over the internet or via a CDN like Amazon CloudFront, then internet ad delivery charges apply.

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