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Get to Know CloudVelox, Fugue, and Zerto – ISV Highlights, March 2017

Introduction by Terry Wise, Global Vice President, Channels & Alliances at AWS

We find that customers are often able to greatly accelerate their digital transformations on AWS when they take advantage of services and solutions from Consulting and Technology Partners that complement one another.

In fact, one of the very first blog posts we published on the APN Blog highlighted the premium managed service offering from Premier APN Consulting Partner and AWS MSP Cloudnexa, who came together with APN Technology Partners Sumo Logic, AppDynamics, and Trend Micro to build a combined offering with the goal to provide additional value to customers.

We want to help make it as easy as possible for customers to meet their business objectives on AWS. And when Consulting and Technology Partners build relationships and work together to offer holistic solutions to customers, it can drive massive customer success.

In January we kicked off a new series highlighting innovative and exciting up-and-coming ISV solutions on AWS with a post discussing Codeship, CrowdStrike, Freshdesk, and Loggly.

Today we’re excited to tell you about three more ISVs who discuss the solutions they offer on AWS. We focus on how customers can get started trying out the solutions today, and how they can be utilized by other APN Partners who are looking to bring even more value to end customers.

CloudVelox, an AWS Migration and Storage Competency Partner

Who is CloudVelox?

CloudVelox’s cloud automation and orchestration software is designed to automate workload mobility and optimization between on-premises and cloud environments. Over the last two years, the company has focused on “brownfield apps”, or traditional applications running in the data center. CloudVelox is an AWS Migration and Storage Competency Partner.

What has CloudVelox built?

The company’s software enables enterprises to accelerate workload mobility and optimization between data centers and AWS. CloudVelox accelerates workload mobility at scale through automation, resulting in mass migrations being completed successfully in weeks, rather than over many months.

On March 15, CloudVelox announced automation for workload optimization in AWS, with the goal to help customers drive cost savings, performance optimization, and enhanced management and control without requiring specialized cloud skills.

Why AWS?

“We chose to integrate with AWS and join the AWS Partner Network (APN) because we feel that AWS continues to raise the bar when it comes to helping enterprise customers realize the power of the cloud to drive agility, cost savings, and innovation,” says Rajeev Chawla, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of CloudVelox.

Customers on AWS

“CloudVelox has migrated complex workloads like SAP and Oracle DB from on-premises to AWS for clients such as Brooks Brothers and Exar within hours or days,” says Chawla. “Our software has also protected mission-critical applications running on-premises while replacing traditional disaster recovery for clients like Exar, Hyatt, and MyPoints, reducing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) from days to hours.”

How can one get started using CloudVelox?

Customers can reach out to CloudVelox directly to request a consultation. The consultation often leads to a proof of concept (POC) to do a live migration with a couple of the customer’s workloads into AWS. This helps the customer become familiar with CloudVelox’s tools and see their automation capabilities first hand. The POC is typically done in a couple of days depending on the customer’s timeline. To get started, customers can visit CloudVelox’s website and select, “Request Consultation”.

For Consulting Partners, using CloudVelox can help accelerate time to value for end customers and, according to the team, provide SIs with the ability to scale migrations from 100’s to 1000’s of applications to AWS in days or weeks, often without needing to hire additional resources.


Who is Fugue?

Fugue was founded in 2013 by technologists that view the cloud as a large-scale, global, distributed computer.

Fugue is on a mission to help enterprises realize the full potential of the cloud. “Modern cloud architectures need to be highly flexible, allow for innovation at velocity, and deliver always-on resiliency—all while operating at the scale enterprises demand,” said Fugue Co-founder and CEO, Josh Stella.

The massive shift from the data center to the cloud, combined with the constant introduction of new cloud service offerings has created a detailed landscape for enterprise users to navigate.

Fugue helps enterprise customers successfully take advantage of the benefits of the cloud through cloud management software that delivers centralized control and governance while allowing users to operate at a speed and scale made possible by the cloud.

What has Fugue built?

Fugue can help optimize cloud operations with its software-defined system for dynamically orchestrating and enforcing cloud infrastructure at scale. “Teams can use Fugue to declare cloud infrastructure and policies with collaborative, human-friendly infrastructure compositions and automate the provisioning, management, and teardown of complex cloud environments, while continuously enforcing infrastructure state and policy compliance,” says Stella.

Fugue consists of a Conductor, which acts as a “kernel” for automating cloud infrastructure operations and enforcement, a Command Line Interface to initiate and control processes, and Compositions for declaring and validating cloud infrastructure and policies. Fugue helps users focus on creating value with applications and reducing the undifferentiated heavy lifting of manually configuring and managing infrastructure.

Most recently, Fugue has released a Team Conductor that allows organizations to centralize the management of multiple workloads across a number of AWS accounts. Fugue’s Team Conductor also provides role-based access controls (RBAC) and infrastructure state management and enforcement to facilitate safe and secure collaboration around AWS infrastructure operations.

Why AWS?

“We believe that AWS has the strongest technology platform and deepest partner base to support our customers’ growth. Fugue was designed from the ground up to work natively with AWS services and APIs,” says Stella. “The relationship with AWS has been fantastic for Fugue since the beginning and we find that AWS continues to be a strong advocate for our solution. Fugue engages with AWS personnel on the APN team, as well as with AWS account managers and solutions architects that work closely with our mutual customers.”

Customers on AWS

One of Fugue’s customers is Colossal Analytics, an AWS Consulting Partner headquartered in Seattle, who uses Fugue while deploying and managing cloud infrastructure environments for their big data and analytics platform. “With Fugue, Colossal Analytics has dramatically shortened the time it takes to stand up and tear down environments, from days to hours. The use of Fugue frees up their team to focus on their core business service and application delivery,” explains Stella.

How can one get started using Fugue?

Interested parties can access Fugue by going to the Fugue website and signing up to launch a Fugue Conductor AMI in their AWS account. Fugue Team Conductors that provide multi-user RBAC and multi-account management start at $1,250 per month on an annual contract. A Fugue Basic Conductor is available for free for single-user, single account management use cases.

Furthermore, Fugue can enable APN Consulting Partners to focus on their highest value services for their customers by abstracting away the day-to-day management complexities of cloud infrastructure operations. Consulting Partners can templatize their best practices with Fugue and deploy these practices for specific customer use cases in a fast and scalable fashion.

“We feel Fugue is an ideal solution for MSPs and AWS Consulting Partners that are looking to find efficiencies in serving their end customers’ dynamic infrastructure management needs,” says Stella.

Zerto, an AWS Storage Competency Partner

Who is Zerto?

Zerto develops enterprise-class migration and disaster recovery software for virtualized platforms and cloud providers such as AWS. Simply put, “With Zerto, you can recover from a disaster in minutes,” says Peter Kerr, Director of Technology Alliances at Zerto. Zerto holds the AWS Storage Competency.

What has Zerto built?

According to the Zerto team, Zerto Virtual Replication is an enterprise-class disaster recovery solution from on-premises to AWS. Zerto’s software-based platform drives workload mobility, migration, protection, and recovery in hybrid-cloud environments to help provide flexibility and manageability of applications whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud.

Zerto’s Cloud Continuity Platform is based on Zerto Virtual Replication software, and is a best in breed solution for protection, recovery, and migration of data in the cloud and virtualized data centers.

Zerto can help customers meet SLAs for government regulations, insurance, and demanding end customers. “Zerto delivers a feature-rich solution including orchestration, migration, and compliance reporting functionality that we feel enterprises truly need. It is a powerful tool for migrations and enterprise platform portability,” says Kerr.

Why AWS?

Customer demand drove Zerto’s decision to support AWS. “Our customers want our solution to be a one-stop shop for supporting all major virtualized platforms and cloud providers,” explains Kerr. “Since AWS is a global leader, building an integration was an obvious choice. And we’ve loved driving joint value between AWS and our customers and partners.”

Customers on AWS

Zerto works with a wide range of companies across different industries on AWS, including DRaaS provider Denovo and TenCate.

The company works with a number of partners, including Resellers, Systems Integrators, and ISPs, to support their efforts in helping enterprises build resilient IT infrastructure. “Zerto is a DR solution of choice for nine out of the fifteen largest global Internet Service Providers as well as the majority of the Fortune 500. Our top partners include SHI, Peak 10, and Presidio,” says Kerr.