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Mainframe Application Modernization Using HCLTech’s ADvantage Modernize Framework

Many enterprises have significant portions of their workloads running either as batch or online but still operating on mainframe technologies. Delve into the complex landscape of modernizing mainframe applications and migrating them to AWS, exploring the significant challenges that organizations face and how HCLTech’s Advantage Modernize Framework overcomes these challenges and paves the way for a successful and efficient transition to AWS.


Virtusa’s Triple-R Methodology for Migrating from On-Premises to Pega Cloud on AWS

Virtusa helps numerous clients migrate their Pega applications from on-premises to Pega Cloud running on AWS. Virtusa identifies opportunities using its proven Triple-R methodology (Recon, Refactor, Re-platform) to reduce the accumulated technical debt while seamlessly migrating to Pega Cloud. This migration is generally part of the first phase of a client’s modernization journey that continues with a phase-wise approach to remove technical debt and iteratively modernize the application.

Unlocking the Future: Wipro’s Business Case-Driven Approach for Mainframe Modernization on AWS

To embark on a successful journey of mainframe modernization, it’s crucial to have a plan that aligns with business priorities and technical drivers. AWS Mainframe Modernization Service provides multiple approaches to meet customers’ objectives. Some of these approaches are automated from assessment to migration, and this post provides an overview of the relevance, challenges, approach, and methodology employed by Wipro and AWS


Strategies, Patterns, and Security Measures for Integrating Infor CloudSuite with AWS

Infor OS provides deep integration capabilities and includes Intelligent Open Network (ION), which is an interoperability and business process management platform designed to integrate applications, processes, people, and data to run your business. Infor ION enables you to easily integrate your Infor and non-Infor enterprise systems, whether they’re on-premises, in the cloud, or both. In this post, we discuss general scenarios and integration patterns while using ION.


How AWS Partners Can Conduct a High-Quality Cloud Readiness Assessment for Customers

Migrating workloads to the cloud is a transformative journey that requires careful planning, expertise, and understanding of an organization’s readiness. AWS Partners have several options to conduct a cloud readiness consulting assessment for their customers, including a cloud readiness assessment which is a fundamental step in assisting customers with their migration to the cloud. Learn how the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework can be used while assessing a business’s readiness to the cloud.

Navigating Security Challenges and Committing to the Cloud with Axonius and AWS

Starting a cloud migration process without a comprehensive and contextual understanding of your assets can be challening. With all of the advantages a cloud environment can provide, let’s dive into how you can get started. In this post, dive into how Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management together with AWS migration services can help lay a foundation for a customer’s cloud migration strategy.


Integrating Mainframe Workloads into Your AWS Migration and Modernization Journey with OpenLegacy

Legacy technologies can be challenging to maintain and integrate with modern applications, channels, and architectures. Modernizing such systems requires specialized expertise to decouple and expose core architecture, and a carefully planned approach to minimize risks, control costs, and ensure success. Learn how OpenLegacy helps enterprises untangle monolithic core systems with its integration technology to build APIs from legacy assets like mainframes and midrange systems.


Application Resiliency and Simplified Migrations to AWS with Veritas Application Mobility Service

Being able to plan for and recover from downtime is a key factor for businesses to consider, as we all become more reliant on technology to live, work, and play. Learn how the Veritas Alta Enterprise Resiliency offering provides businesses with a robust enterprise-ready solution to achieve resiliency and continuity. We’ll also discuss the Application Mobility Service, a new component of Veritas Alta Application Resiliency that can help accelerate and simplify customer migrations to AWS.

Leapfrog from CentOS 7.9 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.9 with Convert2RHEL and Leapp Utilities on AWS

While implementing a new OS may seem tedious, it presents an opportunity to reassess your organization’s needs, and this overview discusses key benefits of migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux from CentOS Linux. The ‘convert2rhel’ utility converts a CentOS 7.9 or CentOS 8 instances in-place to RHEL 7.9 or RHEL 8 instance. The Leapp utility converts the RHEL 7.9 instance to a RHEL 8.9, and Red Hat publishes lifecycle dates for RHEL. Note that RHEL 8 will continue to receive updates until May 31, 2029.


How AWS Partners are Creating New Revenue Streams by Modernizing Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Explore ways that AWS Partners can create more revenue streams for their business by leveraging various AWS solutions, tools, and programs that enable customers to modernize and take advantage of the agility and innovation of AWS cloud-native technologies. We’ll also highlight two AWS Partners, SourceFuse and Kloia, who describe how modernizing Microsoft workloads on AWS has helped them grow and sustain their practices by improving recurring revenue, increasing profitability, and creating additional revenue streams.