AWS Migration Competency Partners

Helping you move applications to the AWS Cloud to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security

Enterprises migrating to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Many organizations can accelerate their migration and time to results through partnership.

The AWS Competency Partner Program has validated that the Partners below have demonstrated they can help enterprise customers migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

To compare Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Business Case Analysis tools from AWS and AWS Partners, see Migration tool comparison.

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AWS Partner Network Migration Competency

AWS Migration Competency Categories

Migration Consulting Partners

Migration Consulting Partners accelerate customer cloud adoption journey by providing technical personnel, tools, education, and support to customers in the form of professional services. These Partners either are, or have a relationship with, an AWS certified Managed Service Provider to help customers with ongoing support of AWS workloads.

Discovery and Planning

Discover IT assets across your application portfolio, identify dependencies and requirements, and build your comprehensive migration plan with this technology suite.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Business Case Analysis

These solutions provide TCO analysis for running customer workloads on AWS and determine target resource types and sizes through source-to-target resource mapping and right-sizing with lowest cost possible.

Workload Mobility: Server Migration

Execute migrations to AWS by capturing your host server, configuration, storage, and network states, then provision and configure your AWS target resources.

Workload Mobility: Data Migration

Technology that helps you effectively transfer large data sets and databases from multiple sources into your target AWS resources.

Application Profiling

Gain valuable insights into your applications by capturing and analyzing performance data, usage, and monitoring dependencies before and after migration.

AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Categories

Mainframe Migration Technology Partners
The AWS Mainframe Migration Technology Partners category recognizes AWS Partners with proven technology and customer success, migrating both mainframe applications and data to AWS.

Mainframe Migration Consulting Partners

The AWS Mainframe Migration Consulting Partners category recognizes AWS Partners with mature practices and a track record of successful mainframe workload migrations.

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