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Working Together to Bring Value to Managed Service Customers on AWS – CorpInfo and CloudCheckr

Premier APN Consulting Partner CorpInfo joined the APN about two years ago, with a plan to bring cloud consulting services and the benefits of AWS to its clients around the world. As the company looked closely at the needs of its diverse customer base, the leadership team began identifying APN Technology Partners who offered solutions on AWS to complement its services and provide a more comprehensive solution to clients. To help with the management of client workloads on AWS, CorpInfo engaged CloudCheckr, an Advanced APN Technology Partner, last year. The two companies have had great success working together on AWS, and today we’d like to tell you about how end customers have benefited by their collaboration.

Who is CorpInfo?

CorpInfo is a leading technology firm providing cloud consulting services, infrastructure solutions, and managed services. The company specializes in enterprise application deployments on AWS and utilizes the breadth and depth of AWS services to build enterprise architecture for its clients to power their business applications, and then supports and manages this infrastructure for them. CorpInfo focuses on traditional industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, legal, and the digital media space. In addition to being a Premier APN Consulting Partner, the company is an APN Microsoft Competency Partner and an APN Healthcare Competency Partner and a member of the AWS Managed Service Partner Program.

Who is CloudCheckr?


CloudCheckr provides cost and usage reporting and analytics to help users manage their AWS deployment. CloudCheckr is designed to report on and analyze what resources users are and aren’t using, possibilities for spend optimization, what a user’s account looked like historically, potential security or compliance considerations, and what is changing in user accounts. The company has been an APN Partner since 2012, an Advanced APN Technology Partner since 2013, and an AWS Government Partner program member since 2014.

Why AWS?

The CorpInfo leadership team was driven to develop a cloud-based business to better serve its end customers, and to be at the forefront of what they anticipated their customer base would need. “We wanted to be able to deliver innovation and value for our clients, and we recognized that forward-thinking businesses were becoming cloud-centric. We started to understand the power of the cloud,” said Stephen Garden, Director of Cloud Services at CorpInfo. As the company looked to work with different cloud providers, AWS stood out. “Selecting AWS as our preferred cloud provider was a very simple decision. AWS won hands down in our technical and pricing analysis. Furthermore, the AWS Partner Network (APN) was a huge draw for us,” said Garden. “AWS has changed the conversation we can have with our clients. We now have the world’s largest infrastructure capacity available for our clients, on-demand, with the scalability, performance, stability, security, and the ability to meet key compliances such as HIPAA that we need.”

CorpInfo began to build out its AWS expertise and practice, and began to evaluate APN Technology Partners to provide a more comprehensive solution to end customers, particularly as the organization focused on building its managed service capabilities on AWS. “As an AWS Managed Service Partner, we provide ongoing management to our clients that are deployed on AWS. We started to evaluate APN Technology Partners last year to help us with the management of client workloads, and it was at this point we first met CloudCheckr,” said Garden. “CloudCheckr is an essential tool that allows us to do continuous monitoring for security, resource allocation, and spend optimization.” The CloudCheckr leadership team very quickly identified the benefits in working with CorpInfo. “We immediately identified CorpInfo as a potentially valuable partner, given CorpInfo’s technical expertise,” said Aaron Klein, Founder and COO at CloudCheckr.

The Benefits of Working Together on AWS

CloudCheckr technology plays a key role in CorpInfo’s AWS MSP practice, and was essential in the rigorous third-party AWS MSP audit that CorpInfo recently underwent to become an Audited AWS MSP Partner. “During our AWS MSP audit, our use of CloudCheckr was praised by the auditor for its ability to help identify AWS security best practices,” explained Garden. “Features like this are essential in providing a world class level of support to our clients.” In order to provide this additional value to customers and enhance the end user experience, CorpInfo provides CloudCheckr to all of its managed service customers free of charge.

Additionally, CorpInfo’s internal team uses the tool and provides feedback to CloudCheckr for product refinement, something the CloudCheckr team has found very valuable. “When building a relationship with other companies, we look to work with the ‘best of class’, and it is apparent that CorpInfo has that potential and commitment. CorpInfo possesses very strong technical expertise. That expertise translates into superior performance for its clients and also enables them to make valuable product suggestions to help us refine CloudCheckr,” said Klein.

What’s next for CloudCheckr and CorpInfo on AWS?

As both CorpInfo and CloudCheckr develop products and offerings on AWS, both teams anticipate that they will continue to work together closely to collaborate around product development and marketing initiatives. “We hope to continue to grow with CorpInfo as their business grows,” said Klein. “We look forward to further collaboration, and we hope to help the CorpInfo team expand its HIPAA, compliance, and security-related practices.”

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