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Delivering Critical Insights Faster with AWS and Self-Service Analytics – A Webinar with AWS Big Data Competency Partner Alteryx

Are you ready to put the power of self-service data analytics into the hands of your business analysts? Don’t miss an upcoming webinar from AWS Big Data Competency Partner Alteryx and AWS, featuring joint customer, Deep Root Analytics, to learn how you can empower your analysts to leverage all of your data to uncover business insights more quickly. Deep Root Analytics, a political media analytics client, manages and analyzes an ever-growing list of data sources – including Amazon Redshift – to project political voter turnout and predict vote choice. To do this, Deep Root’s analysts must first access and acquire the data, and then build complex data blending and analysis workflows to turn a variety of unlinked data sources into a single, actionable database of information. Then can they decide what voters to speak with, with what message, and through what media.

Register for the upcoming webinar, “Data Analysis to Predict Voter Turnout and Outcome”, and learn how to:

  • Quickly blend and analyze data from all sources
  • Apply predictive and geo-spatial analytics to Big Data
  • Enable data analysts with the cloud computing power of AWS
  • Empower the organization at large with analytic visualizations from Tableau (another AWS Big Data Competency Partner)

This live webinar will be held on August 16, 2016 at 9:00am PDT. It will feature Danielle Mendheim, Database Analyst with Deep Root Analytics, and a demonstration of how AWS and Alteryx can deliver very fast self-service analytics when used in conjunction.

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