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Overview of Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS – A New Whitepaper Now Available

By Jayaraman Vellore Sampathkumar. Jayaraman is an AWS Oracle Solution Architect. 

Recently, we published a whitepaper on Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS. This whitepaper provides an architectural overview of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 on AWS and outlines the benefits and options for running Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS.

AWS customers and APN Partners can leverage the architectural patterns outlined in the whitepaper and can learn how to take advantage of newer AWS services like Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS). The whitepaper also provides a general overview of storage options available in AWS. You can leverage different storage options for different tiers of Oracle E-Business Suite – database tier, application tier, utl_file_dir, and backups. Subsequent whitepapers in this series will cover advanced topics and outline best practices for high availability, security, scalability, performance, migration, disaster recovery, and management of Oracle E-Business Suite systems on AWS.

The complete whitepaper is available to download here.