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Premier AWS Consulting Partner Blog Roundup – Jan. 29th – Feb. 9th

The APN Premier tier is currently comprised of 46 APN Consulting Partners globally.

Qualifying for the Premier tier, our top tier for APN Consulting Partners, is no small task. These APN Partners have invested significantly in their AWS practice, have extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS, have a strong bench of trained and certified technical consultants, hold at least one APN Competency, are AWS MSP-certified and/or hold the AWS DevOps Competency, have expertise in project management, and have a healthy revenue-generating consulting business on AWS.

In addition to all of the hard work they do for customers on AWS, our Premier Partners develop some fantastic thought leadership pieces for general consumption. This year, we’re going to be highlighting some of the content we see coming from our Premier APN Partners’ blogs. We’re starting with posts from January 29th – February 9th.

As you’ll find in this first roundup, while the posts cover a number of different topics, there are some common themes. Many of our Premier Partners are talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), DevOps, and the impact of digital transformation on company culture.

Check out some of the most recent posts we’ve seen from a number of our Premier Consulting Partners:

Stay tuned for continued highlights of content produced by our Premier Partners throughout 2016.