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Solving Enterprise Data Challenges To Help Deliver Right Time Experiences: Mobiquity and NorthBay

With tens of thousands of Consulting and Technology Partners worldwide, the AWS Partner Network (APN) ecosystem delivers services and solutions that can help address a plethora of business needs for AWS customers. And more often than not, there is great synergy between the solutions delivered by different APN Partners. In my opinion, there isn’t much that proves more beneficial for our customers than when two APN Partners that have built successful businesses on AWS identify complementary areas of focus and come together to provide additional value to clients.

Today, I’m excited to tell you about the work that two top APN Consulting Partners, Premier APN Consulting Partner and AWS Mobile Competency Partner Mobiquity, and Advanced APN Consulting Partner and AWS Big Data and Mobile Competency Partner NorthBay, are doing together to help drive actionable insights from big data analytics for the Enterprise space.

Who is Mobiquity?

Mobiquity works with the Fortune 500 to deliver data-driven, digital innovation to customers, patients, and employees. The company provides end-to-end digital transformation services, from strategy to design to application development and managed support to optimization for solutions on AWS. Mobiquity is unique in that it addresses the user journey across all channels – including mobile, Alexa/voice technologies, IoT, and chatbots, to establish human touch in the digital world. Mobiquity leverages Enterprise data to tie the user back to the brand through personalization and drive business value, while the company’s support services ensure that the solution is sustainable.

Mobiquity has worked with AWS since 2011 and has been an APN Partner since 2013. The firm earned Premier APN Partner status in 2015. Mobiquity holds the AWS Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Mobile Competencies.

Who is NorthBay?

NorthBay is proud to be an AWS partner for 4+ years, having achieved both the AWS Big Data Competency as well as the AWS Mobile Competency. The firm focuses on helping organizations migrate from traditional fragile on-premises data warehouses to AWS – “Teaching Old Data New Tricks™.” In addition, NorthBay assists companies by architecting, designing, and implementing an entire cloud-based data pipeline solution that leverages key AWS and complementary offerings to craft an Enterprise-class cloud data platform that is scalable, secure, and enables data governance. The end result allows for business unit self-service, a dramatic reduction in IT-related costs, and cloud data platform scalability.

Why Work Together?

Both teams feel there are key considerations that, in working together and using AWS, they can help Enterprise clients address a number of areas:

  • The Enterprise has an abundant number of data sources, often decentralized across multiple systems and in many states of cleanliness. These are often not immediately available to solve customer insight challenges.
  • The customer experience may be in active development. In turn, it is generating new data streams that are not tied into a data warehouse, causing further decentralization.
  • Enterprise organizations may find it difficult to pull all of their various data sets together for decision support, resulting in missed opportunities.
  • Organizations have many stakeholders, each with different points of view on Enterprise data. Stakeholders need easy access to tailored views that are actionable.
  • Customers are more heavily influenced by Right Time Experiences meeting their needs at the right time and on the right channel. Such experiences can likely only be produced once an organization has centralized and mastered its data.

To help solve some of these unique business challenges and deliver an optimal level of service to the Enterprise, Mobiquity and NorthBay have decided to partner together to leverage each firm’s unique capabilities and expertise. “By combining Mobiquity’s expertise in customer experience and NorthBay’s data engineering capabilities with the scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of AWS, we seek to offer a unique blend of services to address near- and long-term pain points associated with today’s ever-increasing, ever-complex data,” says Jim Keller, Vice President, NorthBay.

“With an end goal of delivering Right Time Experiences, we are helping organizations leverage technology to develop deeper engagement with customers at the right time, on the right channel. Delivering these experiences requires an understanding of the customer, existing data sets, and the roadmap to new data sets. In doing so, we plan to help Enterprises unlock new opportunities, grow customer loyalty, increase revenue, and expand their market share,” explains Ty Rollin, Chief Innovation Officer, Mobiquity.

So, how will this work?

Mobiquity will present a story of innovation and engagement. This will lead to a solution driven by a customer insight platform running on AWS, for which NorthBay will act as the Enterprise data engineering team. The goal is to deliver an innovative program that delivers new and refined engagement channels (i.e. mobile, Facebook Messenger, and Alexa) and a data management platform that provides insights from existing Enterprise data, blended with new engagement details.

What’s Next?

With a number of joint go-to-market activities in-the-works, the two firms look forward to delivering solutions to new and existing clients alike. “We’re both dedicated to building out our existing capabilities to continuously benefit the collective effort,” says Jim.

You can read more about Mobiquity and NorthBay’s announcement here. To learn more about each company, visit Mobiquity at and NorthBay at