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Now Hiring
As is the case with many parts of AWS, the team behind AWS Support is growing fast and is looking for top-notch people to fill a multitude of open positions. Here are some of the positions that they are working to fill (click through to apply or to read a detailed job description):

Cloud Support Engineer – (Dallas, Texas) – You get to field, troubleshoot, and manage technical customer issues via phone, chat and email. You help to recreate customer issues and build proof-of-concept applications, and you represent the voice of the customer to internal AWS teams. You can share your knowledge with the AWS community by creating tutorials, how-to videos, and technical articles.

Big Data Devops Support Engineer (Dallas, Texas) – This position is similar to the previous one, but you’ll need to have some experience with popular Big Data tools such as Amazon EMR, Zookeeper, HBase, HDFS, Pig, or Hive. If you know what ETL is all about and can apply them using Hadoop, that’s even better!

Cloud Support Engineer-Deployment (Dallas, Texas) – This position is similar to the first one, with a focus on development and deployment. You’ll need experience with Java, .NET, Node.JS, PHP, Python, or Ruby, familiarity with DevOps principles, and should be able to work with all tiers of the application stack from the OS on up.

Cloud Technical Account Manager (Dallas, Texas) – In this role you will work directly with customers to build mindshare and broad usage of AWS within their organizations. You will be their primary technical contact for one or more customers and you’ll get to help them to plan, debug, and monitor their cloud-based, business-critical applications. You will get to help them to scale for world-class events and you’ll represent the customers’ needs to the rest of the AWS team.

Senior Cloud Technical Account Manager (Dallas, Texas) – This is a more senior version of the previous position! It requires significant IT, AWS, and distributed systems expertise and experience.

Operations Manager-AWS Support (Dallas, Texas) – In this role you will use your operational, leadership, and technical skills to lead a team of Cloud Support Engineers.

Software Development Engineer, Kumo Development Team (Seattle, Washington) – In this role you will help to build the next generation of CRM systems to help us to improve the overall support experience for AWS customers. Experience with data mining, information retrieval, and text analysis is a definite plus for this position.

Senior Manager, Product Management, Amazon Web Services (Seattle, Washington) – In this role you will be responsible for creating the vision and the product strategy for AWS Support’s products and services. You’ll get to manage the entire product life cycle, starting with strategic planning all the way through to tactical execution. You will need a strong product management track record and you’ll need to show us that you know how to translate customer needs in to features, pricing models, and merchandising opportunities.

Senior Product Manager, Amazon Web Services (Seattle, Washington) – In this role you will create marketing materials for support offerings, define and manage marketing programs, think about produce and service positioning, and champion the needs of our customers. You’ll need a strong marketing background, ideally with experience in the IT industry.

Senior Technical Program Manager (Seattle, Washington) – In this role you will lead product initiatives, working closely with customers, development teams, vendors, partners, and the AWS service teams. You’ll need program management or project management skills and a strong technical background!

Even More Positions
The positions that I listed above are based in Dallas and Seattle. If you are interested in similar positions in other cities and countries, please check out these links:

More About Support
To learn more about AWS Support, watch this video:

Candidates often ask me for special insider tips that will help them to navigate the Amazon hiring process! My answer is always the same — spend some time studying the Amazon Leadership Principles and make sure that you can relate them to significant events in your career and in your personal life.



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