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AWS Week in Review – January 4, 2016

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


January 4


January 5


January 6


January 7


January 8

New & Notable Open Source

  • Squiss is a high-volume Amazon SQS poller for Node.js.
  • Blocker is a simple AWS EBS volume plugin for Docker.
  • Lambda-test is a generic repository for testing GitHub webhooks with AWS Lambda.
  • Awful is a Ruby gem that provides simple AWS command line tasks and YAML persistence.
  • Splunk-sqs is an SQS collector for Splunk.
  • Lambda-deploy is a proof of concept for deploying Lambda with CloudFormation + Grunt + AWS + Lambda.
  • Amazonica is a comprehensive Clojure client for the entire AWS API.
  • Lambda6 is a simple and opinionated handler architecture for AWS Lambda using ES6.
  • Go-lambda allows you to call Go GRPC services from AWS Lambda functions.
  • Thingpin is a Raspberry Pi AWS IoT publisher for IoT enabled sensors.

New Customer Success Stories

  • Fin Design + Effect – Visual effects and design.
  • Healthdirect Australia – Deliver services across the entire country while controlling costs.
  • Hiree – Expediting the hiring process and helping job-seekers to get offers.
  • SEAOIL –  Move Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise resource planning system into AWS.
  • Syntel – Reduce provisioning time for hardware and increase scalability.
  • THRON – Platform to simplify digital content management and distribution.

New YouTube Videos

Upcoming Events

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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