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AWS Week in Review – September 5, 2016

This is the third community-driven edition of the AWS Week in Review. Special thanks are due to the 15 internal and external contributors who helped to make this happen. If you would like to contribute, please take a look at the AWS Week in Review on GitHub.


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New & Notable Open Source

  • s3logs-cloudwatch is a Lambda function parsing S3 server access log files and putting extra bucket metrics in CloudWatch.
  • is a curated list of AWS resources used to prepare for AWS certifications.
  • RedEye is a utility to monitor Redshift performance.
  • Dockerfile will build a Docker image, push it to the EC2 Container Registry, and deploy it to Elastic Beanstalk.
  • lambda-contact-form supports contact form posts from static websites hosted on S3/CloudFront.
  • dust is an SSH cluster shell for EC2.
  • aws-ssh-scp-connector is a utility to help connect to EC2 instances.
  • lambda-comments is a blog commenting system built with Lambda.

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New Customer Stories

  • MYOB uses AWS to scale its infrastructure to support demand for new services and saves up to 30 percent by shutting down unused capacity and using Reserved Amazon EC2 Instances. MYOB provides business management software to about 1.2 million organizations in Australia and New Zealand. MYOB uses a wide range of AWS services, including Amazon Machine Learning to build smart applications incorporating predictive analytics and AWS CloudFormation scripts to create new AWS environments in the event of a disaster.
  • PATI Games needed IT solutions that would guarantee the stability and scalability of their game services for global market penetration, and AWS provided them with the most safe and cost-efficient solution. PATI Games is a Korean company primarily engaged in the development of games based on SNS platforms. AWS services including Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS (Aurora), and Amazon CloudFront enable PATI Games to maintain high reliability, decrease latency, and eventually boost customer satisfaction.
  • Rabbi Interactive scales to support a live-broadcast, second-screen app and voting system for hundreds of thousands of users, gives home television viewers real-time interactive capabilities, and reduces monthly operating costs by 60 percent by using AWS. Based in Israel, the company provides digital experiences such as second-screen apps used to interact with popular television shows such as “Rising Star” and “Big Brother.” Rabbi Interactive worked with AWS partner CloudZone to develop an interactive second-screen platform.

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