Posted On: Sep 8, 2016

You can now use the Oracle Label Security (OLS) option to control access to individual table rows in your Amazon RDS DB instances running Oracle 12c. With the Oracle Label Security option, you can enforce regulatory compliance with a policy-based administration model, and ensure that an access to sensitive data is restricted to only users with the appropriate clearance level. 

To enable the Oracle Label Security with just a few clicks, use "Option Groups" in the AWS Management Console and add the "OLS" option to a new or existing option group. As a reminder, you must have a valid Oracle Label Security option license, in addition to an Oracle Enterprise Edition license with “Software Update License & Support” to use the Oracle Label Security option in Amazon RDS for Oracle Enterprise Edition under the BYOL licensing model. 

To learn more about how to use the Oracle Label Security option with your Amazon RDS for Oracle instances, please visit the documentations about Oracle Label Security Option.