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AWS Marketplace now enables sellers and consulting partners from Australia and New Zealand

Starting today, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), data providers, and consulting partners based in Australia and New Zealand can transact in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange. This expansion serves to increase the breadth of software and data offerings available to global customers.

Global customers can now purchase directly from Australia- and New Zealand-based software and data providers through AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange. You can also procure software through local and regional consulting partners with Consulting Partner Private Offers in AWS Marketplace. For more information, see Benefits to consulting partners and their customers section.

For ISVs, data providers, and consulting partners, this unlocks a new route to market and enables access to the more than 260,000 monthly active users in AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange.

Software from Australia- and New Zealand-based ISVs such as Cloudwave, Farrago AI, Raygun, Aportio, Operata, Dubber, and Javln is now available in AWS Marketplace. Data products from qualified providers in the area can now be listed in AWS Data Exchange. More products and providers will be added regularly.

Benefits to consulting partners and their customers

Consulting partners in Australia and New Zealand are now able to maintain their role as a trusted advisor for customers in AWS Marketplace through Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO). AWS Marketplace customers can purchase software through select local and regional consulting partners, who offer knowledge of your business, localized support, and trusted expertise through CPPO. CPPO allows ISVs to authorize wholesale pricing on their software to consulting partners. It also enables consulting partners to own and maintain the customer relationship in AWS Marketplace. Consulting partners can use the authorization to customize pricing, duration, end-user license terms, and additional services they wish to include. Starting today, consulting partners Consegna and Versent can sell software in AWS Marketplace through CPPO.

Australian consulting partner Versent welcomed the announcement. “We are excited that the Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) program is now available in Australia,” said Robert Frendo, Managing Director at Versent. “CPPO provides us with differentiated, wholesale pricing, which we will pass on to customers. The preferential pricing will enable us to accelerate our deal closures, so we can focus on project delivery and solution implementation.”

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