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Version 1 Frees Hundreds of Hours of Staff Time Using CloudRanger Backup and Disaster Recovery from AWS Marketplace

Moving to the cloud can’t be a leap of faith for today’s enterprise companies. You need to know you’ll enjoy levels of service and reliability that are the same or better than what you get from your existing data centers. Version 1 provides migration, management, and optimization services for enterprise applications in the cloud, and they understand this well—especially when it comes to backup and restore capabilities. “Our customers are looking to us for a complete service,” says Peter Smyth, head of managed services at Version 1. “When they move to the cloud, they want the reliable, seamless backup and restore capabilities they enjoy on-premises.”

Version 1 sought a backup and disaster recovery solution that would work seamlessly with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and third-party components it uses to create customer application environments. It also wanted to minimize complexity, so its managed-services staff could use their valuable time to deliver greater value to customers.

That’s why Version 1 turned to AWS Marketplace, discovering a complete software-as-a-service backup solution provided by CloudRanger. “CloudRanger was the only solution that provided similar levels of control and convenience compared to traditional enterprise backup products,” says Smyth. “Using it has helped us provide the customer assurance necessary to win large, multiyear, cloud managed-services contracts with enterprise organizations.”

David Gildea, chief executive officer at CloudRanger, says, “Our goal in developing CloudRanger was to create the world’s easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery solution for AWS. That ease of use helps Version 1 serve its customers more efficiently while exceeding expectations for keeping data safe and secure.” CloudRanger is available in multiple AWS Regions and Availability Zones, enabling Version 1 to provide outstanding backup performance wherever customers are located.

Version 1 also uses CloudRanger to save customers money by turning off instances when they are not needed. Gildea estimates that these savings amount to thousands of euros for each customer per year. Additionally, with customers in healthcare, finance, and other highly-regulated industries, Version 1 requires its providers to support advanced security. “Everything we do must be based on best practices and certified to ISO standards,” reports Smyth. “That enables us to deliver services to organizations under stringent requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.”

Overall, the ease of use enabled by procuring CloudRanger through AWS Marketplace, along with the simple and intuitive user interface, saves Version 1’s managed-services staff hundreds of hours annually. “Our managed services staff can stay on top of petabyte scale storage,” Smyth reports. “CloudRanger saves them hundreds of hours annually in the management of backups and restores.”

“Getting CloudRanger from AWS Marketplace makes it incredibly simple to deploy in the AWS environment,” says Smyth. “We roll out backups to our whole customer estate in minutes rather than hours or days. That means we can get customers’ applications into service in the cloud that much faster.”

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