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Amazon Redshift Monitoring Now Supports End User Queries and Canaries

Ian Meyers is a Solutions Architecture Senior Manager with AWS

The serverless Amazon Redshift Monitoring utility lets you gather important performance metrics from your Redshift cluster’s system tables and persists the results in Amazon CloudWatch. This serverless solution leverages AWS Lambda to schedule custom SQL queries and process the results. With this utility, you can use Amazon Cloudwatch to monitor disk-based queries, WLM queue wait time, alerts, average query times, and other data. This allows you to create visualizations with CloudWatch dashboards, generate Alerts on specific values, and create Rules to react to those Alerts.


You can now create your own diagnostic queries and plug-in “canaries” that monitor the runtime of your most vital end user queries. These user-defined metrics can be used to create dashboards and trigger Alarms and should improve visibility into workloads running on a Cluster. They might also facilitate sizing discussions.

View the README to get started.


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