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Measure latency for validation testing and troubleshooting in Amazon Connect

Setting up a contact center for your business is an important step in the direction of offering an enhanced customer experience to your end users. In such a scenario, it is vital that one should follow best practices as a part of the planning phase for your contact center to ensure smooth execution of deployment. […]

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Creating data-driven IVRs in Amazon Connect using a REST API

You can create effortless, friction-less, and personalized experiences when building contact flows in Amazon Connect. Your callers don’t have to traverse through a labyrinth of menus and prompts to reach a customer service representative and repeat their information again. The quicker you can address their immediate needs, the better your customer satisfaction. Data is at […]

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Updating your addresses with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex

When someone moves, they spend time notifying their service account providers (electric, water, insurance, etc.) to update their address information. This post explains how to create an Amazon Lex bot in an Amazon Connect contact flow to automate the address update process. After you create the bot, you use AWS Lambda to confirm the new […]

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Cold Transfers with Amazon Connect

Making Cold Transfers Using the Amazon Connect Streams API

In most contact centers, the agents’ time is the most valuable commodity. Contact center supervisors make the most of that time by reducing the average handle time of interactions, so that agents can quickly address customer issues and move on to the next interaction. This approach has a broader impact on contact center key performance […]

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Keep Your Contact Data Clean by Using Session Attributes in Amazon Connect

Using data to create dynamic experiences is a great way to enhance the customer journey with Amazon Connect. Sometimes though, managing that data across Amazon Connect contact flows or AWS Lambda functions can require a level of data persistence that can lead to unnecessary attributes in the Amazon Connect contact trace records(CTRs). Examples of such […]

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Using WhatsApp and Amazon Lex to escalate to voice via Amazon Connect

Today, enterprises are revamping their existing channels, such as contact centers based on interactive voice response (IVR), to provide an enhanced, seamless experience to customers. They are motivated to create an omni-channel experience, using services like Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex to enrich customer experience at a low cost. They are also using channels like […]

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Routing contacts based on external assessment of offline agent workload with Amazon Connect

Customer service departments where specialists answer incoming calls as well as perform back-office or offline duties (case processing, follow-ups, research, and troubleshooting), require different mechanisms for routing incoming contacts. Examples include mortgage originations, complex sales, and IT helpdesk to name a few. Most of these involve complex, multi-day, multi-step interactions with customers. The specialist workload […]

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Automating outbound calling to customers using Amazon Connect

Two-way contact center communications are a powerful tool with which modern businesses can convey information, make inquiries, and report issues to customers—and vice versa. The powerful StartOutboundVoiceContact API action makes Amazon Connect the ideal tool for managing this dynamic. This action enables you to program outbound calls to contact customers. These contacts might take the […]

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Dynamically setting outbound numbers for contact centers with Amazon Connect

If a caller ID is local, customers are more likely to answer an incoming call. Because it’s unlikely that contact center agents are always local, our partners wanted to use Amazon Connect to place outbound calls using a local number, picked dynamically by the agent. This post presents a simple way to accomplish this, using […]

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