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New Get-ECRLoginCommand for AWS Tools for PowerShell

Today’s post is from AWS Solution Architect and Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Data Center Management, Trevor Sullivan. The AWS Tools for PowerShell now offer a new command that makes it easier to authenticate to the Amazon EC2 Container Registry (Amazon ECR). Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is a service that enables customers to upload and store […]

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Using the AWS_PROFILE Environment Variable to Choose a Profile

In an upcoming release of the AWS SDK for .NET, the FallbackCredentialsFactory class and the FallbackRegionFactory class will allow the use of the AWS_PROFILE environment variable. The SDK currently looks for a profile named “default” when retrieving credentials and region settings. After this change is released, users will be able to set the AWS_PROFILE environment […]

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Deploying .NET Web Applications Using AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Visual Studio Team Services

We recently announced the new AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services. Today let’s take a deeper look at how you can use the new tools to support deploying your .NET web applications from Team Services to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Elastic Beanstalk uses environments to run .NET web applications. Before using this task, you […]

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CognitoAuthentication Extension Library Developer Preview

We are pleased to announce the Developer Preview of the CognitoAuthentication extension library. This library simplifies the authentication process of Amazon Cognito User Pools for .NET 4.5, .NET Core, and Xamarin developers. Many customers reported that they directly implemented the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol themselves. This process requires hundreds of lines of difficult cryptography […]

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AWS and .NET Core 2.0

Yesterday, .NET Core 2.0 was released, and at AWS we’re very excited about the new features and maturity added to the .NET Core platform. In the coming months, we’ll be updating AWS services to have first-class support for .NET Core 2.0. You can get started using .NET Core 2.0 on AWS right away in two […]

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ASP.NET Core and AWS CodeStar Deep Dive

The AWS CodeStar team recently announced the addition of two ASP.NET Core project templates. As you might know, AWS CodeStar creates a code-integration and code-deployment(CI/CD) pipeline on behalf of developers, so they can spend their valuable time building applications instead of building infrastructure. With the new ASP.NET Core project templates, .NET developers can build and […]

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