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PowerShell Standard support in AWSPowerShell.NetCore

In 2016, we released AWS Tools for PowerShell Core targeting PowerShell Core 6.0, which provided cross-platform support for macOS and Linux, in addition to Windows. We published this module separately from AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell because it was not compatible with earlier versions of PowerShell. Last year, Microsoft released PowerShell Standard: a new library […]

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Archiving Data to Amazon S3 Glacier using PowerShell

The final update of the AWS Tools for PowerShell in 2018 added support for Amazon S3 Glacier. Amazon S3 Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. The update to the AWS PowerShell modules added cmdlets to support both control and data plane APIs for the […]

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AWS Support for PowerShell Core 6.0

Announced in a Microsoft blog post yesterday, PowerShell Core 6.0 is now generally available. AWS continues to support this new cross-platform version of PowerShell with our AWS Tools for PowerShell Core module also known by its module name, AWSPowerShell.NetCore. This post recaps the modules available from AWS for PowerShell users wanting to script their AWS […]

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Send Real-Time Amazon CloudWatch Alarm Notifications to Amazon Chime

This post was authored by Trevor Sullivan, a Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services (AWS) based in Seattle, Washington. The post was also peer-reviewed by Andy Elmhorst, Senior Solutions Architect for AWS. Overview When you’re developing, deploying, and supporting business-critical applications, timely system notifications are crucial to keeping your services up and running reliably for […]

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Deploy an Amazon ECS Cluster Running Windows Server with AWS Tools for PowerShell – Part 1

This is a guest post from Trevor Sullivan, a Seattle-based Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In this blog post, Trevor shows you how to deploy a Windows Server-based container cluster using the AWS Tools for PowerShell. Building and deploying applications on the Windows Server platform is becoming a significantly lighter-weight process. Although you […]

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Writing and Archiving Custom Metrics using Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Tools for PowerShell

This is a guest post from Trevor Sullivan, a Seattle-based Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since 2004, Trevor has worked intimately with Microsoft technologies, including PowerShell since its release in 2006. In this article, Trevor takes you through the process of using the AWS Tools for PowerShell to write and export metrics data […]

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