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Guide to Scalable Data Storage for Games on AWS

When developing your game, the last thing you want to think about is your database. You want to focus on the fun stuff. However, how you store and retrieve game and player data can have a huge impact on your game’s performance. Online games are read-write heavy. Performance issues can make it difficult to scale while providing an immersive (that is, low-latency) experience. This is especially true if you’re dealing with synchronous multiplayer gameplay and MMO games. It’s worth thinking about your data strategy once you start to turn your ideas into code.

With so many database types to choose from, picking the right data storage solution for your game can be daunting. There’s MySQL, NoSQL, and did you hear there’s a NewSQL? We want to make that choice a little easier, so we made a guide to help you on your data journey. This guide details how different types of databases can be used for games. It also includes best practices with reference architecture throughout to get you started.

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