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AWS Marketplace—Launching Solutions for Power and Utilities Customers

The AWS for Power & Utilities team, alongside the AWS Marketplace team, has launched a collated set of AWS P&U Partner offerings that address the needs of global electric, water, and gas utilities to rapidly deploy solutions in their AWS environments or as software as a service.

What is AWS Marketplace? AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from AWS Independent Software Vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. Procurement professionals and users in utilities can use AWS Marketplace to accelerate innovation and enable cloud users to rapidly and securely deploy solutions while reducing total cost of ownership and improving operational oversight. With options like one-click deployment, digitized software purchases in AWS Marketplace enable you to quickly procure and use products from thousands of software sellers when you need them.

Today, in the first of a series of blog posts, we will feature AWS Partners that are providing solutions for information technology transformation, operational technology transformation, and customer engagement. Over the next few months, we will continue to add solutions to these categories and add software solutions for workforce and asset management, solutions to meet utilities’ transition to green energy, and software tools to manage their sustainability goals.

Your organization can meet its unique requirements with custom license terms, volume discounts, and flexible payment options. When you negotiate pricing and terms with your software seller or AWS Consulting Partner, that company will create an offer for the AWS accounts you designate. Once the offer is accepted, the negotiated price and terms will be accessible to your users.

Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace is available to enrolled Enterprise buyers and offers enterprise-class terms to address the needs of large organizations. Participating sellers and enrolled buyers may transact under the terms of Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace. And through AWS Marketplace seller private offers, terms can be amended to meet additional customer needs. Enterprise Customers can subscribe to and immediately deploy software through Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace under terms tailored to meet the needs of large organizations.

Featured Partners:

Information Technology Transformation

Bryte Systems
Bryte Systems offers BryteFlow, which provides no-code data replication to AWS for energy and utilities companies. Organizations can use BryteFlow to collect data in near real time from transactional databases like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Organizations can then have BryteFlow deliver the data to AWS destinations. For example, they can send it to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which makes it simple to manage data at any scale; Amazon Redshift, which makes it simple to gain new insights from data; and the Snowflake Data Cloud, which enables customers to mobilize data with nearly unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance. An organization can then merge that data with Internet of Things (IoT) data to create a single source of truth for data consumers and analysts.

Energy and utility companies typically produce a lot of data—from sensors, meter readings, IoT, customers, and enterprise resource planning. BryteFlow specializes in rapidly aggregating all these terabytes of data for immediate use in analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence—without any coding. Companies can also use the data for predictive analytics to better monitor equipment for effective maintenance, maintain safety, and minimize downtime.

BryteFlow has helped several power and utility companies, including Origin Energy and Horizon Power, with their smart energy initiatives. Using BryteFlow, these companies gain data management capabilities for increasing power sources, data delivery for predictive maintenance models, and better demand forecasting to increase usage of distributed energy resources.

Operational Technology Transformation

AutoGrid Systems
AutoGrid offers Flex – Demand Response Optimization and Management System (DROMS) for administering and operating the complete life cycle of demand response programs, enabling dispatch grade demand response program management across all customer classes, program types, and assets. It manages and enforces complex business rules, incorporates highly accurate forecasting, includes rich multichannel customer notifications, and performs measurement and verification on smart grid data.

Flex – DROMS’s Bring-Your-Own-Thermostats program provides simple deployment and administration for managing customer-owned thermostats from Google Nest, ecobee, and Honeywell, all from a single application. Pricing includes any applicable original equipment manufacturer setup fees and per-thermostat API fees. offers SyncConnect AMI, which helps industries, utilities, and original equipment manufacturers monitor, control, and translate data from edge devices, sensors, and supervisory control and data acquisition systems. These organizations can then use SyncConnect AMI to integrate that data with all available IoT and cloud solutions.

With coverage for 100 percent of utility protocols and 80 percent of industrial protocols, SyncConnect AMI simplifies acquisition of near-real-time and historic data from many field devices, including IoT sensors, meters, transducers, programmable logic controllers, controllers, remote terminal units, and intelligent electronic devices. SyncConnect AMI is available in four application packs.

  • DER Pack (SyncConnect 100) is licensed with protocols and capabilities for distributed energy resources, namely solar photovoltaics, storage, wind farms, electric vehicles, and electrical distribution.
  • Substation Pack (SyncConnect 110) is licensed with protocols for substation automation, network monitoring, grid metering, and generation monitoring.
  • Industry Pack (SyncConnect 120) is licensed with protocols for manufacturing, process automation, building automation, and mining.
  • Protocol Gateway Pack (SyncConnect 130) is licensed with protocols and capabilities that support many-to-many protocol conversions on the cloud or on the edge.

Customer Engagement

The newest offering on AWS Marketplace, SMART ENERGY WATER offers Smart Customer Mobile (SCM), a software-as-a-service solution for energy and water customers that want near-real-time digital engagement to manage services, view and pay bills, monitor energy and water use, and use smart home capabilities. SCM provides a single solution to enable these interactions and more on web, mobile, SMS, voice, and social media channels for utility customers worldwide.

SMART ENERGY WATER has also launched Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW). SMW provides a single solution by integrating all workforce, work order, service request, and asset and inventory management processes into one view, thereby improving operational efficiency and productivity of field utility staff.

All utilities have a unique opportunity to benefit from seamless delivery of the most innovative solutions to meet their business needs from AWS Marketplace. Use this page as your single stop for exploring solutions to all your information technology and operational technology needs.

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson

As Global Segment Lead for Climate Tech & Sustainability, Mary leads the innovation with AWS partners to support customer's sustainability and net-zero emissions goals. This innovation covers multiple areas across the environmental and social sectors: renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, customer packaging experience, product sustainability, circular economy and waste reduction initiatives, social responsibility and responsible sourcing, sustainability science and innovation, and environmental compliance. Mary brings 15+ years leading in decarbonization strategies for the utilities sector, is a founding member of think tank organization Chief, and volunteers at the West Palm Beach Office of Sustainability.

Arun Sehgal

Arun Sehgal

Arun Sehgal is the Global Ecosystems Leader for the AWS Power & Utilities industry vertical. He joined AWS in 2018, and he works with global independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) who are building solutions on AWS for Power & Utilities around the world. Before joining AWS, Arun spent over 25 years in the utility smart metering, IoT, and smart grid industry.