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AWS re:Invent 2022 wrap-up: Intuit achieves 99.9% availability and powers 58 billion ML predictions daily on AWS

Industry challenge

Every tax season, global financial technology company Intuit faces high demand from over 100 million customers seeking advice for preparing their taxes on its artificial intelligence (AI)–driven expert platform. To uphold its mission of powering prosperity around the world, Intuit transformed its systems and infrastructure using the latest technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a reliable customer experience and help its teams focus on innovation.

Intuit’s solution

Through its platform, Intuit delivers an omnichannel experience and connects its customers with tax experts by using Amazon Connect. Using its AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities, Intuit can predict customer intent and transcript calls in near real time, facilitating an outstanding customer experience. Intuit also uses ML to identify opportunities for personalization. To build and train its models, the company uses Amazon SageMaker Studio to deliver a fully integrated development environment for ML. Using Amazon SageMaker Studio, Intuit’s teams can access their tools and share notebooks in near real time. The company also uses ML to forecast its compute budgets and unify its almost 15,000 employees under a distributed accountability model.

Driving ML innovations is the company’s data management strategy. Intuit migrated its financial records to Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) for persistent data storage. From its data, Intuit can glean business insights using Amazon Athena to analyze petabyte-scale data where it lives, with ease and flexibility.

“I’m very proud of what we have delivered for our customers. We are continuously trying to improve with the help of AWS services.” —Ravi Pillala, chief architect, Intuit.

Benefits of using AWS

With a modernized AI-driven expert platform, Intuit has enhanced operational efficiency and unlocked the scalability and performance that it requires to serve its large customer base. The company maintains 99.9 percent availability on its platform and generates 58 billion ML predictions daily. “Intuit uses AI to solve our customers’ most pressing problems and help them make insightful financial decisions,” says Chitrang Jain, engineering manager at Intuit. “We automate, predict, and personalize their experience; help them make more money with less work; and give them confidence in their own actions and decisions.”

Intuit has also increased staff productivity by simplifying internal workflows and data management processes. Using Amazon Athena and Amazon Keyspaces, Intuit has achieved data parity, and it can scan and query terabytes of data in seconds. As a result, Intuit’s data teams save an average of 1 hour daily while improving the performance of the company’s ML models by a factor of four. “I’m very proud of what we have delivered for our customers,” says Ravi Pillala, chief architect at Intuit. “We are continuously trying to improve with the help of AWS services.”

Company overview

Intuit is a global financial technology company that helps consumers and small businesses overcome their financial challenges. With over 20 corporate offices in nine countries, the company focuses on three fundamental goals: helping its customers put more money into their pockets; saving its customers time, so they can focus on what’s important; and helping its customers have complete confidence in their financial decisions.

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Global financial technology company Intuit has driven operational efficiency, boosted the performance of its platform, and enhanced customer experience by using the latest AWS technologies.

Ellie Lawson

Ellie Lawson

Ellie Lawson a Sr. Marketing Manager at AWS, responsible for engagement and storytelling with AWS leading cloud innovators. She comes from a background in industry marketing, with a special focus in games and media & entertainment technology.