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AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners you should know: SequenceShift

AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners you should know: SequenceShift

SequenceShift recently became the forty-seventh  Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner. I had the opportunity to interview Dmitri Muntean, Managing Director at SequenceShift, and Brad Fischer, Director of Partnerships at SequenceShift, to learn more about the company and their collaboration with AWS. 1. Congratulations on achieving Travel and Hospitality Competency Partner […]

Kibo Composable Commerce Platform

Kibo enables digital commerce success with scaling on AWS

The convenience of online shopping has exploded in recent years, bringing both new opportunities and challenges. One of the most critical challenges faced by digital commerce companies is scalability—the ability to handle increased demand while maintaining optimal performance. Without scalability, your server resources might get overwhelmed, resulting in slow loading times and frustrating user experiences. […]

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics with AWS IoT FleetWise and Amazon Connect

Remote vehicle diagnostics is the ability to remotely detect and diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Connected mobility and improvements in On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) have made it possible to remotely diagnose vehicle malfunctions. Prior to connected vehicles the repair process was reactive. Service centers had little insight into vehicle malfunctions until they were brought in and inspected. Service […]

AWS for Telecom programming highlights at re:Invent 2023

AWS for Telecom programming highlights at re:Invent 2023

As the largest and most comprehensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) event, AWS re:Invent 2023 brings together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn. With hundreds of sessions, workshops, and labs, it’s the perfect place for telco professionals to explore how AWS can help transform their business. re:Invent offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn […]

Identity and access management solution on aws

Identity and Access Management solution on AWS

With competition for customers, the user experience is critical to the success of a retail website. A great deal of time is spent tuning photos, the number of clicks, and looking at cart abandon rates. But what if you are losing customers before they even get through the front door? Set yourself apart by embracing […]

Future of Retail: AWS Smart Store Kiosks Redefine Customer Experience

Retailers are always seeking new ways to enhance the customer experience and reduce friction during the shopping process. Generative AI has enabled innovations like a smart kiosk, a self-service platform that provides customers with a convenient and interactive way to shop. It enables customers to browse, purchase, and even receive personalized recommendations, all without the […]

Retail_Top 5 Way AI and ML are Changing Retail Feature Card

Top 5 ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing retail

The retail industry is facing numerous challenges in today’s dynamic landscape that are forcing them to rethink their strategies. Retailers must keep up with technological advancements, such as generative AI, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) and ecommerce platforms, to remain competitive to retain customers and market share. Retailers face intense competition from both traditional […]

Using Cloud Technology to Better Protect Power Grids from Physical Threats

When was the last time you thought about how the power stays on? Probably not since you lost power in a storm. We take it for granted that the electricity and natural gas will flow. In today’s world, electricity and gas are a core foundation of the economy and of society, making energy one of […]

Figure 1 Philips Image Guided Therapy Azurion System

Philips Prototypes a Large-scale, Near-real-time Inference Platform to Extend Medical Imaging Using AWS

Image-guided therapy solutions provide visual guidance during minimally invasive therapies. However, with interventional systems located within hospitals, enabling faster innovation and a roll-out of new technologies to the field has been a significant challenge. To solve this, Philips has prototyped a large-scale, near-real-time inferencing platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to extend the capabilities of […]

Winning Back Customers and Growing Revenue with Abandoned Cart Recovery feature card

Winning Back Customers and Growing Revenue with Abandoned Cart Recovery

One of the biggest challenges faced by online retailers is shopping cart abandonment, where customers add items to their shopping carts but ultimately leave the website without making a purchase. To overcome this hurdle and optimize sales opportunities, businesses must prioritize the implementation of efficient customer notification and insight strategies. These strategies play a vital […]