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AWS BugBust sets the Guinness World Record for the largest bug fixing challenge

AWS BugBust is the first global bug-busting challenge for developers to eliminate 1 million software bugs and save $100 million in technical debt for their organizations. AWS BugBust allows you to create and manage private events that transform and gamify the process of finding and fixing bugs in your software. With automated code analysis, built-in […]

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Optimizing applications with EagleDream in Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

This is a guest post by Dustin Potter at EagleDream Technologies. In their own words, “EagleDream Technologies educates, enables, and empowers the world’s greatest companies to use cloud-native technology to transform their business. With extensive experience architecting workloads on the cloud, as well as a full suite of skills in application modernization, data engineering, data […]

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RENGA Inc. automates code reviews with Amazon CodeGuru

This guest post was authored by Kazuma Ohara, Director of RENGA Inc., and edited by Yumiko Kanasugi, Solutions Architect at AWS Japan. RENGA Inc. operates Mansion Note, one of Japan’s most popular condominium review and rating websites, which gets over a million unique visitors per month. Mansion Note provides a service where people can check […]

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How DevFactory builds better applications with Amazon CodeGuru

This post is written in collaboration with DevFactory, an AWS Select Technology Partner. DevFactory is an enterprise SaaS-focused company that is responsible for innovation, development, and operation of over 120 enterprise products. DevFactory also offers DevGraph, an integrated suite of software development tools built on AWS. Amazon CodeGuru is an automated code review service that […]

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Simplifying application onboarding with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler provides recommendations to help you continuously fine-tune your application’s performance. It does this by collecting runtime performance data from your live applications. It looks for your most expensive lines of code continuously and provides intelligent recommendations. This helps you more easily understand your applications’ runtime behavior so you can optimize their performance, […]

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Atlassian continuously profiles services in production with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

This is a guest post by the Jira Cloud Performance Team at Atlassian. In their own words, Atlassian’s mission is to unleash the potential in every team. Our products help teams organize, discuss, and complete their work. And what teams do can change the world. We have helped NASA teams design the Mars Rover, Cochlear teams develop […]

Read More optimizes your apps thanks to Amazon CodeGuru

This is a guest post co-written by Sergio Delgado from In their own words, “ is a small, independent and fully remote team, who love solving scheduling problems all over the world.” At, we like to say that we’re “a small company that does great things.” Many aspects of our day-to-day culture are […]

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Investigating performance issues with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Amazon CodeGuru (Preview) analyzes your application’s performance characteristics and provides automatic recommendations on how to improve it. Amazon CodeGuru Profiler provides interactive visualizations to show you where your application spends its time. These flame graphs are a powerful tool to help you troubleshoot which code methods are causing delays or using too much CPU. This […]

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Optimizing application performance with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler

Amazon CodeGuru (Preview) is a service launched at AWS re:Invent 2019 that analyzes the performance characteristics of your application and provides automatic recommendations on ways to improve. It does this by profiling your application’s runtime (with CodeGuru Profiler) and by automatically reviewing source code changes (with CodeGuru Reviewer). For more information, see What Is Amazon […]

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