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Customizing coding companions for organizations

Generative AI models for coding companions are mostly trained on publicly available source code and natural language text. While the large size of the training corpus enables the models to generate code for commonly used functionality, these models are unaware of code in private repositories and the associated coding styles that are enforced when developing […]

Optimize for sustainability with Amazon CodeWhisperer

This post explores how Amazon CodeWhisperer can help with code optimization for sustainability through increased resource efficiency. Computationally resource-efficient coding is one technique that aims to reduce the amount of energy required to process a line of code and, as a result, aid companies in consuming less energy overall. In this era of cloud computing, […]

Persistent Systems shapes the future of software engineering with Amazon CodeWhisperer

Persistent Systems, a global digital engineering provider, has run several pilots and formal studies with Amazon CodeWhisperer that point to shifts in software engineering, generative AI-led modernization, responsible innovation, and more. This post highlights four themes emerging from Persistent’s Amazon CodeWhisperer experiments that could change software engineering as we know it.

AI-powered code suggestions and security scans in Amazon SageMaker notebooks using Amazon CodeWhisperer and Amazon CodeGuru

Amazon SageMaker comes with two options to spin up fully managed notebooks for exploring data and building machine learning (ML) models. The first option is fast start, collaborative notebooks accessible within Amazon SageMaker Studio—a fully integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning. You can quickly launch notebooks in Studio, easily dial up or down the […]

Building with Generative AI on AWS

Announcing New Tools for Building with Generative AI on AWS

The seeds of a machine learning (ML) paradigm shift have existed for decades, but with the ready availability of scalable compute capacity, a massive proliferation of data, and the rapid advancement of ML technologies, customers across industries are transforming their businesses. Just recently, generative AI applications like ChatGPT have captured widespread attention and imagination. We […]

How Accenture is using Amazon CodeWhisperer to improve developer productivity

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI coding companion that helps improve developer productivity by generating code recommendations based on their comments in natural language and code in the integrated development environment (IDE). CodeWhisperer accelerates completion of coding tasks by reducing context-switches between the IDE and documentation or developer forums. With real-time code recommendations from CodeWhisperer, you […]

Enterprise administrative controls, simple sign-up, and expanded programming language support for Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a machine learning (ML)-powered service that helps improve developer productivity by generating code recommendations based on developers’ prior code and comments. Today, we are excited to announce that AWS administrators can now enable CodeWhisperer for their organization with single sign-in (SSO) authentication. Administrators can easily integrate CodeWhisperer with their existing workforce identity […]