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Welcome to a New Era of Building in the Cloud with Generative AI on AWS

We believe generative AI has the potential over time to transform virtually every customer experience we know. The number of companies launching generative AI applications on AWS is substantial and building quickly, including adidas,, Bridgewater Associates, Clariant, Cox Automotive, GoDaddy, and LexisNexis Legal & Professional, to name just a few. Innovative startups like Perplexity […]

Easily build semantic image search using Amazon Titan

Digital publishers are continuously looking for ways to streamline and automate their media workflows to generate and publish new content as rapidly as they can, but without foregoing quality. Adding images to capture the essence of text can improve the reading experience. Machine learning techniques can help you discover such images. “A striking image is […]

Announcing new tools and capabilities to enable responsible AI innovation

The rapid growth of generative AI brings promising new innovation, and at the same time raises new challenges. These challenges include some that were common before generative AI, such as bias and explainability, and new ones unique to foundation models (FMs), including hallucination and toxicity. At AWS, we are committed to developing generative AI responsibly, […]

Introducing the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center’s Custom Model Program for Anthropic Claude

Since launching in June 2023, the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center team of strategists, data scientists, machine learning (ML) engineers, and solutions architects have worked with hundreds of customers worldwide, and helped them ideate, prioritize, and build bespoke solutions that harness the power of generative AI. Customers worked closely with us to prioritize use cases, […]

AWS AI services enhanced with FM-powered capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform how we do business and serve our customers. AWS offers a range of pre-trained AI services that provide ready-to-use intelligence for your applications. In this post, we explore the new AI service capabilities and how they are enhanced using foundation models (FMs). We focus on the following major updates […]

Accelerating AI/ML development at BMW Group with Amazon SageMaker Studio

This post is co-written with Marc Neumann, Amor Steinberg and Marinus Krommenhoek from BMW Group. The BMW Group – headquartered in Munich, Germany – is driven by 149,000 employees worldwide and manufactures in over 30 production and assembly facilities across 15 countries. Today, the BMW Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and […]

Automating product description generation with Amazon Bedrock

In today’s ever-evolving world of ecommerce, the influence of a compelling product description cannot be overstated. It can be the decisive factor that turns a potential visitor into a paying customer or sends them clicking off to a competitor’s site. The manual creation of these descriptions across a vast array of products is a labor-intensive […]

How SnapLogic built a text-to-pipeline application with Amazon Bedrock to translate business intent into action

This post was co-written with Greg Benson, Chief Scientist; Aaron Kesler, Sr. Product Manager; and Rich Dill, Enterprise Solutions Architect from SnapLogic. Many customers are building generative AI apps on Amazon Bedrock and Amazon CodeWhisperer to create code artifacts based on natural language. This use case highlights how large language models (LLMs) are able to […]

Your guide to generative AI and ML at AWS re:Invent 2023

Yes, the AWS re:Invent season is upon us and as always, the place to be is Las Vegas! You marked your calendars, you booked your hotel, and you even purchased the airfare. Now all you need is some guidance on generative AI and machine learning (ML) sessions to attend at this twelfth edition of re:Invent. And although generative AI has appeared in previous events, this year we’re taking it to the next level. In addition to several exciting announcements during keynotes, most of the sessions in our track will feature generative AI in one form or another, so we can truly call our track “Generative AI and ML.” In this post, we give you a sense of how the track is organized and highlight a few sessions we think you’ll like. And although our track focuses on generative AI, many other tracks have related sessions. Use the “Generative AI” tag as you are browsing the session catalog to find them.

RAG -Retrieval Augmented Generation

Build a contextual chatbot for financial services using Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, Llama 2 and Amazon OpenSearch Serverless with Vector Engine

The financial service (FinServ) industry has unique generative AI requirements related to domain-specific data, data security, regulatory controls, and industry compliance standards. In addition, customers are looking for choices to select the most performant and cost-effective machine learning (ML) model and the ability to perform necessary customization (fine-tuning) to fit their business use cases. Amazon […]