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Announcing AWS Thinkbox Deadline support for Pixar’s RenderMan

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is now available. Included in this release is support for Pixar’s RenderMan with Usage Based Licensing (UBL), available on the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace. Customers now have the ability to extend their rendering on AWS with UBL support for RenderMan 23.4 standalone, RenderMan 23.4 for Autodesk Maya, and RenderMan 23.4 for SideFX Houdini.

In addition to support for RenderMan UBL, there are also new AMIs for RenderMan 23.4 standalone, Autodesk Maya 2018, 2019, and 2020 with RenderMan 23.4, and SideFX Houdini with RenderMan 23.4.

The Deadline release also includes general bug fixes, Deadline application plugin improvement, and more. Deadline continues to be free to use when you pay for AWS resources such as EC2 instances and EFS storage.

Interested in learning more about RenderMan Usage Based Licensing? Check out the Deadline release notes or visit the AWS Thinkbox Marketplace.