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Case Study: Hive VFX cuts upfront studio costs, operates as cloud VFX studio on AWS

Until recently, major Hollywood studios dominated the realm of visual effects (VFX). But cloud technology is changing the game, making it easier for small, independent studios to enter the market. In May 2019, VFX Supervisor Bernie Kimbacher single-handedly built a cloud VFX studio, Hive VFX, using only Amazon Web Services (AWS). Many studios run partly in the cloud—for example, rendering on AWS or using workstations to access local networks—but Hive VFX, a collective of VFX artists that specializes in 2D and compositing, is one of the first all-in cloud studios. The company’s projects include Netflix original films Spenser Confidential and Extraction.

Learn how Hive VFX set up a scalable cloud-based studio with no upfront cost, helping achieve location independence and global recruitment capabilities. Read the full case study here.