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Guest post from Dalet Digital Media Systems: Making media businesses smarter: AI, Cloud and Workflow Orchestration

By Arnaud Elnecave, VP Marketing, Dalet

In today’s fast-paced and ultra competitive media landscape, the ability to respond rapidly to evolving consumer demands and grasp opportunities for new revenue forms as they arise is key to sustainable success.

For most organizations, this mandate for greater business agility drives a direct need for a deep transformation of their operating models. Leaner, highly efficient workflows with more flexibility and collaboration are key. This transformation often relies on a transition of their technology foundation to an open platform with core asset management and workflow orchestration capabilities that enable a cohesive, flexible digital media supply chain and puts content personalization at the forefront of the workflow design.

Dalet Galaxy five is the new version of the industry-leading media asset management (MAM), workflow orchestration and editorial platform. Featuring new integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this new version offers hybrid, scalable, distributed architectures that introduce more mobility and collaboration in the user experience, increase workflow flexibility, and help optimize content handling costs while enhancing the security of assets. In addition, the new Dalet Media Cortex cloud service enables content professionals to connect and consume AI services on demand, such as Amazon Rekognition.

Unleash innovation and increase agility with hybrid architectures

Dalet Galaxy five distributed architecture allows hybrid deployments, in which your application services and your content are partly or fully hosted in the AWS cloud. It enables a phased, step-by-step transition, leveraging the cloud for the workloads that make the most business or operational sense first, and making sure this transition remains as transparent as possible for the users.

This opens an era for new solutions to be designed, enabling on-demand usage, ubiquitous access, dynamic scalability and new financial paradigms based on pay-per-use models.

Such transformation allows media businesses to expand opportunities to grow and reduce time to market – for example, piloting new content formats and projects in a matter of weeks and not months. This also allows them to transform their business models by developing a more connected organization and aligning costs with revenues.

Mobility, multi-site sharing, remote access

The newly introduced field editing capabilities of Dalet OneCut leverage the AWS infrastructure as a service resource for easier, secured remote access and a smoother user experience. Dalet OneCut editors – such as journalists working in the field – can connect to the central bureau or facility to search and browse content, seamlessly mix it on their timeline with locally stored content (even in offline mode), and offload the rendering to the central site.

The platform offers auto-scaling capabilities to balance infrastructure load and optimize costs. This new feature allows selected media processes to scale up and down automatically, according to a combination of process predictions, business rules and real-time demand.

The new hybrid capabilities are also illustrated with innovative workflows for Archiving to the Cloud, Remote Contribution, and Business Continuity leveraging a scalable Disaster Recovery site.

Augment your Media Workflows with AI

At IBC2018, Dalet revealed the first version of Dalet Media Cortex, a cloud service that enables media organizations to connect and orchestrate various types of AI technologies everywhere they add value to their operations and business. In short, the proposition of this plug-and-play service is to deliver the benefits of AI without the complexity!

The first release of Dalet Media Cortex focuses on cognitive services, bringing in automatic tagging features such as celebrity identification, labels, brand detection, OCR, scene detection, sentiment analysis, visual content moderation and much more. Amazon Rekognition is one of the key computer vision engines integrated in Dalet Media Cortex. The AI-generated data is automatically aligned and curated, then displayed at various levels of the Dalet Galaxy five user experience, in a set of new intuitive tools, to provide contextual, actionable insights and content suggestions to the users.

The combination of Dalet Galaxy five and AWS cloud infrastructure and AI services empower broadcasters and media organizations like never before!

Learn more about Dalet & AWS joint solutions and meet with the teams at NAB NYC on booth N340.

About Dalet Digital Media Systems

Dalet solutions and services enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of their assets. Based on an agile technology platform, these solutions offer a rich collaborative environment with purpose-built tools to empower end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, post-production, archives and enterprise content management, radio, education, governments and institutions.

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon leads global partner marketing for technology and consulting vendors which have built media solutions on AWS, and which businesses may use to deliver video to their customers and internal clients.