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Rivet Logic integrates virtual fundraising solution with Amazon IVS for low-latency live streaming

As a digital transformation company, consulting, design, and systems integration firm Rivet Logic builds custom digital experiences, and the solutions to manage and optimize them. Drawing from deep technical expertise in open source and cloud-based technologies, the company develops proprietary platforms tailored for their customers in the non-profit sector, enterprise, and virtual events. To ensure its virtual fundraising solution delivers the lowest latency, highest quality live streaming experience, Rivet Logic opted to integrate with Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS). Amazon IVS is a managed live streaming solution that is quick and easy to set up, and ideal for creating interactive video experiences.

Designed for use by organizations seeking charitable donations, including non-profits and houses of worship, Rivet Logic’s virtual fundraising and live streaming solution provides a managed portal for customers to host virtual or hybrid events of all sizes. Viewers stay within the dedicated URL throughout the experience, even while submitting donations, keeping the audience engaged throughout each event and minimizing drop off.

The tenth annual fundraiser for Code of Support Foundation, a hybrid event, marked the company’s first deployment of Amazon IVS. With a live streamed auction offering a range of goods, achieving the lowest latency possible was a key consideration in tailoring the solution.

“Video delays inhibit the audience experience, especially in a live auction scenario, and Amazon IVS solves that problem,” said Rivet Logic President and COO, Al El-Nattar. “It alleviates a lot of the complexities around the solutions we build for our customers and allows us to provide a higher-level viewer experience, all within our application.”

Using Amazon IVS for low-latency live streaming, Rivet Logic replicated the in-person experience for virtual attendees with near-real time interactive elements. The broadcast setup was managed by AV integrator TeamPeople, which directed produced feeds to Rivet Logic to send through their Amazon IVS-equipped platform. Live video and metadata streams were synced using the Amazon IVS timed metadata API, aligning the interactive chat and emoji functions built by Rivet Logic with the visuals and audio.

For El-Nattar, one of the most surprising features of Amazon IVS was its quick implementation. He explained, “I mentioned using Amazon IVS to my engineering team about two weeks before the event as a possible solution for lowering stream latency. They had it up and running within a week, including testing, which speaks to how simple it is to use.”

Ultimately, the event hosted approximately 300 virtual attendees, along with 60 in-person guests, and raised 200 percent of its donation goal. With Amazon IVS now fully integrated within its virtual fundraising solution, Rivet Logic can help other organizations achieve similar results, and tap it for broader uses cases, like for Bible study live streams produced by religious institutions. The company is also evaluating how Amazon IVS functionality might benefit users of its virtual expo solution, which is geared toward large-scale conference applications.

“COVID revealed a big gap in the virtual event technology market that hasn’t been well addressed and has led to a lot of frustration. We created our platform to fill this need and make powerful live streaming solutions accessible for customers that might not have the technical savvy to leverage them on their own,” El-Nattar noted. “Amazon IVS provides us with the tools to create better solutions for our customers and deliver the best possible user experience we can provide.”

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