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AWS Mobile App Backend with Hybrid Apps

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This post was co-authored by Leo Drakopoulos, AWS Solutions Architect. Today we would like to tell you about a new solutions brief for building serverless mobile backend solutions on AWS, and a step-by-step walkthrough for implementing this pattern, using the Ionic framework on AWS Answers. Like other solutions on AWS Answers, this one was built by […]

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Introducing Amazon Lex and Conversational Bots on Mobile Hub

Last week at AWS re:Invent 2016, we announced the availability of conversational bots, a new feature on AWS Mobile Hub that enables you to create speech or text based conversational bots in your mobile app. This feature uses Amazon Lex, a new service for building conversational interactions into any application using voice and text. With […]

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Introducing Mobile Hub user authentication using SAML Federation or Email and Password sign-in

We are excited to announce two new options for user authentication in mobile apps – Email and Password and SAML Federation. Both features are options in the User Sign-in feature of AWS Mobile Hub. Along with the existing Facebook and Google sign-in options, you can mix and match these new sign-in provider options to setup […]

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Streaming videos to millions of mobile app users via Amazon CloudFront CDN

Update: March 17, 2017 This post has been updated to address a few operational issues and overall feedback from developers and internal teams. We hope you enjoy and please keep the comments and contributions flowing! Changes: If the Lambda function is/was not getting triggered after a video was uploaded to S3, see new note about […]

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Customizing Amazon Cognito User Pool Authentication Flow

Introduction Modern authentication flows incorporate new challenge types, in addition to a password, to verify the identity of users. For example, these challenge types include CAPTCHAs or dynamic challenge questions. With Amazon Cognito Your User Pools, we now have a flexible authentication flow that you can customize to incorporate additional authentication methods and support dynamic […]

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How to Store Your App Photos in the Cloud Using Amazon S3 [tutorial and code samples]

About Welcome to the first installment of our blog series showing how to build some of the most popular end-to-end experiences used by mobile apps. In each installment, you’ll see how you can build these experiences – including the client (iOS and Android) and the backend (AWS services) – in just a few minutes. We’ll […]

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Using webpack with the Amazon Cognito Identity SDK for JavaScript

by Marc Teichtahl | on | in Cognito | Permalink | Comments |  Share

This blog post is aimed at developers of all experience levels who develop and deploy JavaScript based applications (whether server-side with Node.js or client side) that incorporate the AWS SDK, the Amazon Cognito Identity SDK for JavaScript and who also use the popular webpack module bundler. In July 2016, Amazon Web Services launched Amazon Cognito […]

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Tracking and Remembering Devices Using Amazon Cognito Your User Pools

by Jeff Bailey | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Introduction With the general availability launch of Amazon Cognito Your User Pools, we introduced a new feature that enables device tracking and remembering. This feature provides insight into the usage of your app’s users and reduces the friction associated with multi-factor authentication (MFA). This blog post provides an overview of the feature, identifies the primary […]

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AWS Mobile Hub Helper Code for iOS is now Available on GitHub

by Karthik Saligrama | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

In March 2016 we announced Swift support for AWS Mobile Hub. To make it easier for developers to integrate, we moved the code into a single framework. A side effect of that move was that the source code was no longer included in the project download. Customers could not update the source code of the […]

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Find, Try, and Purchase Mobile Software in AWS Marketplace

by Rob Lipschutz | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

AWS Marketplace has worked with ISVs throughout our ecosystem to introduce new mobile software in AWS Marketplace throughout the past several months. This is software that helps enterprises, mid-market companies, and startups create and manage mobile apps for their customers or employees. The Mobile Factory With more than 30 new mobile products from over 20 […]

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