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AWS AppSync and the GraphQL Info Object

This article was written by Brice Pellé, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS   AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that allows to deploy Serverless GraphQL backends in the AWS cloud. GraphQL is a data language for your API that makes it easy and straight forward to interact with multiple data sources. One of the […]

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Amplify Framework announces new Amazon Aurora Serverless and GraphQL Transform features for building AWS AppSync APIs

The Amplify Framework is an open-source project for building cloud-enabled applications. Today, we’re happy to announce new features for the GraphQL Transform library, which is part of the AWS Amplify command line interface (CLI). The GraphQL Transform library enables you to quickly deploy scalable AWS AppSync backends for your web and mobile applications. In this […]

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AWS AppSync releases Pipeline Resolvers, Aurora Serverless support, Delta Sync

AWS AppSync, a Serverless GraphQL backend for providing data to mobile and web applications, has been steadily releasing features over the past year since launching at re:Invent 2017. Today, we’re happy to release several new service and client features for AWS AppSync that can greatly enhance the way you build client applications and provide data […]

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