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60-second update

0:60 | Got a minute?

Here’s the latest on AWS networking.

0:57 | New Features

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager announced route analyzer. This feature verifies your AWS Transit Gateway routing configuration before, and after, you send live traffic. Plus, it helps chase down route-related traffic disruption.

0:46 | More Regions for AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway added support for peering connections between AWS Transit Gateways in both of the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.  Not to be outdone, AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager is now available in 18 AWS Regions – adding Middle East (Bahrain), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and EU (Stockholm).

0:30 | New Tech-Talks

With fewer live events, on-demand training getting more and more popular. We presented two new Tech Talks recently that received great reviews:

0:15 | More metrics for AWS Direct Connect

Direct Connect recently launched support for virtual interface metrics in Amazon CloudWatch. With metrics broken out by virtual interface, Direct Connect users can monitor utilization in more detail.

0:00 | The end

I hope this has been useful and I’ve kept to my promise of 60 seconds*.


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*After consulting Wikipedia on reading rates we decided to shoot for 200-225 words. The fact that our first draft came in at 221 may, or may not, have influenced that choice.