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Monitor hybrid connectivity with Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor

Today we announce the availability of Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor, a feature of CloudWatch that makes it easy to gain visibility of your hybrid network connectivity with AWS. CloudWatch Network monitor currently supports hybrid monitors for networking built with AWS Direct Connect and AWS Site-to-Site VPN. You can find Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor in the Amazon CloudWatch […]

Improving availability with Application Load Balancer automatic target weights

Improving availability with Application Load Balancer automatic target weights

In this blog, we explore Automatic Target Weights (ATW), which can reduce the number of errors users experience when using web applications. ATW provides the ability to detect and mitigate gray failures for targets behind Application Load Balancers (ALB). A gray failure occurs when an ALB target passes active load balancer health checks, making it look healthy, but still returns errors. This scenario could be caused by many things, including application bugs, a dependency failure, intermittent network packet loss, a cold cache on a newly launched target, CPU overload, and more.

Introducing CloudFront Security Dashboard, a Unified CDN and Security Experience

Introducing CloudFront Security Dashboard, a Unified CDN and Security Experience

As security threats have become more sophisticated and easier to scale, customers increasingly use Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF together to improve the performance, resiliency, and security of their web applications and APIs. CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that reduces latency by delivering data to viewers anywhere in the world using one of […]

Announcing AWS Global Accelerator IPv6 support for Network Load Balancer (NLB) endpoints

AWS Global Accelerator now offers support for routing IPv6 traffic directly to dual-stack Network Load Balancer (NLB) endpoints. With this support, you can use dual-stack NLB endpoints behind dual-stack accelerators to achieve end-to-end IPv6 connectivity. In this post, we describe how you can set up a dual-stack accelerator with NLB endpoints, and review considerations for […]

Build Global SD-WANs with AWS Cloud WAN Tunnel-less Connect

In July 2022, we announced the general availability of AWS Cloud WAN. With that, we launched the AWS Transit Gateway Connect feature, which provides a native way to extend your SD-WAN (Software defined wide area network) infrastructure into AWS using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels. Today, we are announcing Tunnel-less Connect for Cloud WAN. This […]

Announcing Amazon Virtual Private Gateway Ingress Routing support for Gateway Load Balancer

Today, on 30th August 2023, AWS launched a new enhancement to the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Ingress Routing feature. With this enhancement, customers can now specify a Gateway Load Balancer Endpoint (GWLBE) as the next-hop in the virtual private gateway (VGW) route table. This allows customers to inspect their traffic coming into AWS […]

Announcing AWS Global Accelerator IPv6 support for Amazon EC2 endpoints

AWS Global Accelerator now offers dual-stack accelerators that let you route both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances as endpoints, in addition to Application Load Balancers. In this post, we describe the benefits of using dual-stack accelerators with IPv6 EC2 endpoints, and go through a step-by-step guide for adding […]

Using load balancer target group health thresholds to improve availability

Introduction AWS recently added features to our Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) that give you control over when they take measures to shift traffic between targets. In this blog, we will explore these new capabilities and review how you can use them to improve the availability and resiliency of your applications. Two types of Elastic Load […]

Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2023: DDR.Live deploys AWS Private 5G

In the world of live events, conferences, music festivals, and pop-ups, reliable connectivity has become an essential element in the success of any event. The ability to provide guests seamless interactions with a variety of technologies, such as Point of Sale (PoS), access control, ticketing, and check-in is crucial for events of all sizes. However, […]

Estimating radio coverage for your network with AWS Private 5G

Introduction In this blog, we will walk you through estimating the number of AWS Private 5G radio units needed to meet coverage and capacity requirements for your various use cases. AWS Private 5G provides a radio frequency (RF) estimator to help customers determine the number of units required. The AWS Private 5G RF estimator uses […]