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Simplify global security inspection with AWS Cloud WAN Service Insertion

AWS Cloud WAN is a managed wide-area networking (WAN) service that you can use to build and operate wide area networks that connect your data centers and branch offices, as well as your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) VPCs. You can use network policies to centrally configure and automate network management and security tasks, […]

How to use Amazon Athena queries to analyze AWS WAF logs and provide the visibility needed for threat detection

Web application security is an ongoing process. AWS WAF enables real-time monitoring and blocking of potentially harmful web requests. Bot Control and Fraud Control use machine learning (ML) to detect and prevent sophisticated threats. Bot traffic can make up anywhere from 30% to 50% or even more of total web traffic. After enabling AWS WAF, […]

IPv6 deployment models for AWS Network Firewall

AWS Network Firewall is a managed, stateful network firewall and intrusion protection service that allows you to implement firewalls rules for fine grained control over your network traffic. If you’re new to AWS Network Firewall, and want to understand its features and use cases, we recommend you review the blog post AWS Network Firewall – […]

How to seamlessly migrate traffic between Direct Connect gateways

In this blog post, we explore a scenario in which Goldman Sachs, wanted to transfer ownership of several of its key network components between teams in a controlled and seamless manner. Specifically, we take a deep dive on migrating traffic between Direct Connect gateways while maintaining end-to-end connectivity. As a multinational investment bank and financial […]

How to monitor internet traffic to CloudFront edge in one click with Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a streamlined solution for you to monitor internet traffic to your CloudFront distribution with simple integration for Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor in the Amazon CloudFront console. Ensuring optimal performance and availability is paramount for internet applications. With this integration, you can easily gain more insights into internet health and your users’ experience for an application that you’ve set up with a CloudFront distribution.

Introducing VPC Flow Logs for Elastic Container Services

Introduction Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is the foundational networking construct used by customers to deploy workloads on AWS. To examine VPC traffic and gain insights into communication patterns, customers collect and analyze VPC Flow Logs, leveraging the capabilities and features AWS has continuously added since 2015. You can get started with Flow Logs by […]

Restrict access to AWS Elemental MediaPackage v2 using origin access control

AWS Elemental MediaPackage provides customers the ability to deliver live and video on demand (VOD) securely and reliably at scale. Integrating with other Media Services on AWS and content delivery networks (CDNs) like Amazon CloudFront, MediaPackage offers resilient video origination while reducing media workflow complexity for customers. In 2023, we announced the support for low-latency […]

How to share IP address ranges across accounts with AWS Global Accelerator

Maintaining ownership of IP addresses while deploying resources in multiple accounts can lead to underutilized IP address ranges. AWS Global Accelerator supports cross-account sharing for bring your own IP addresses (BYOIP), which enables you to share IP address ranges with multiple AWS accounts. After you provision an IP address range with Global Accelerator using BYOIP, […]

Scaling strategies for Elastic Load Balancing

Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) offers four types of load balancers, all featuring high availability, automatic scaling, and robust security support for your applications: Application Load Balancer (ALB), Network Load Balancer (NLB), Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB), and Classic Load Balancer (CLB). ELB automatically scales up and down, and scales in and out in response to traffic […]