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Hybrid cloud architectures using AWS Direct Connect gateway

In April 2023, AWS increased several AWS Direct Connect quota limits, as you have asked for increased scale and capacity for hybrid cloud connectivity. With the new limits, you can now create up to four Transit Virtual interfaces (VIFs) per AWS Direct Connect dedicated connection. The maximum number of prefixes has increased to 200 for […]

How Motional improved global network performance and lowered costs with AWS Direct Connect SiteLink

Motional — a joint venture between Aptiv and Hyundai Motor Group — is developing and commercializing SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Level 4 autonomous vehicles (AVs) for autonomous ride-hail and delivery. Motional partners with major ride-hail companies, including Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft to deploy its AVs on their networks. Motional operates vehicle garages in […]

Achieve optimal routing with AWS Cloud WAN for multi-Region networks

In multi-Region AWS Cloud WAN deployments, customers deploy centralized architectures for use cases such as traffic inspection, hybrid connectivity (using AWS Transit Gateways and AWS Direct Connect), and internet egress. For internet egress, you may use a single egress VPC per AWS Region or per geography (collection of AWS Regions), for example, Americas (AMER GEO), […]

Migrating AWS Direct Connect to a new location

As new AWS Direct Connect locations become available, we recommend customers review their options to make sure they are using the best route to connect to AWS. Many times, moving a connection to a Direct Connect location that is geographically closer to your data centers (DCs) and branch locations can improve network performance, and might […]

Deploying hybrid networks using AWS Cloud WAN and AWS Direct Connect

AWS Cloud WAN is a managed wide-area networking (WAN) service for building, managing, and monitoring a unified global network, as well as connecting resources running across your cloud and on-premises environments. We work with many customers to build hybrid networks that connect their on-premises environments to Cloud WAN using AWS Direct Connect. This extends their […]

Improving Performance on AWS and Hybrid Networks

In this post, we provide recommendations to improve network performance on AWS and hybrid networks. In today’s enterprise networking environment, it is becoming common for customers to have multi-gigabit connectivity to AWS either through AWS Direct Connect or over the Internet. Although network bandwidth is fundamental, several other factors come into play for network performance, […]

Segmenting hybrid networks with AWS Transit Gateway connect

Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) is a traditional network feature which uses isolated logical routing domains (route tables/VRFs) to keep network traffic segregated within the same physical infrastructure. Customers ask us how to combine the segmentation provided by AWS Cloud WAN and AWS Transit Gateway with VRF isolation when connecting their on-premises networks to AWS. […]

Hybrid security inspection architectures with AWS Cloud WAN and AWS Direct Connect

AWS Cloud WAN makes it easy to build and operate wide area networks that connect your data centers and branch offices, as well as your Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). With Cloud WAN, you connect to AWS through your choice of local network providers, then use a central dashboard and network policies to create a […]

Migrating sub 1 Gbps hosted connection to use AWS Transit Gateway – Part 2

Introduction Since the launch of AWS Transit Gateway, customers have been asking to use transit virtual interface (Transit VIF) on sub 1 Gbps AWS Direct Connect hosted connections. In this post, we describe how to migrate an existing environment that uses sub 1Gbps Direct Connect hosted connections, Transit Gateway, and transit VPC for hybrid connectivity. […]

Migrating sub 1 Gbps hosted connection to use AWS Transit Gateway – Part 1

Introduction This blog will describe the recommended migration approach for migrating existing hybrid connectivity architectures with sub 1 Gbps AWS Direct Connect hosted connections to AWS Transit Gateway. It will provide you with a target architecture along with step-by-step prescriptive guidance on how to migrate from your existing state. Key benefits you can derive from […]