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Introducing CloudFront Hosting Toolkit

Today, we released the CloudFront Hosting Toolkit, an open source command line interface (CLI) tool to help you deploy fast and secure front-ends in the cloud. Install the CloudFront Hosting Toolkit CLI through npm, run two commands, and CloudFront Hosting Toolkit CLI automatically creates the deployment pipeline and infrastructure needed to build, deploy, and serve your front-end […]

How to monitor internet traffic to CloudFront edge in one click with Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a streamlined solution for you to monitor internet traffic to your CloudFront distribution with simple integration for Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor in the Amazon CloudFront console. Ensuring optimal performance and availability is paramount for internet applications. With this integration, you can easily gain more insights into internet health and your users’ experience for an application that you’ve set up with a CloudFront distribution.

Restrict access to AWS Elemental MediaPackage v2 using origin access control

AWS Elemental MediaPackage provides customers the ability to deliver live and video on demand (VOD) securely and reliably at scale. Integrating with other Media Services on AWS and content delivery networks (CDNs) like Amazon CloudFront, MediaPackage offers resilient video origination while reducing media workflow complexity for customers. In 2023, we announced the support for low-latency […]

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Secure your Lambda function URLs using Amazon CloudFront origin access control

In 2022, we launched Lambda function URLs as a simple way to configure an HTTPS endpoint for your AWS Lambda function without having to learn, configure, and operate additional services. Customers who want to improve the performance and security of their applications running with Lambda function URLs can deploy Amazon CloudFront in front of Lambda function URLs […]

Using latency-based routing with Amazon CloudFront for a multi-Region active-active architecture

An update was made on April 11th, 2024, outlining deployment procedure. This post guides you through setting up the networking layer for a multi-Region active-active application architecture on AWS using latency-based routing in Amazon Route 53 with Amazon CloudFront to deliver a low-latency, reliable experience for your users. Building active-active architectures using AWS networking services improves […]

Bringing delivery closer to end users with Amazon CloudFront Embedded POPs

Fifteen years ago, Amazon CloudFront launched with 14 edge locations scattered around the world.  Since then, it’s been exciting to see how quickly we’ve grown to now having over 600 CloudFront Points of Presence (POPs) in more than 100 cities and 50 countries worldwide. We have continued to build and innovate, finding new ways to […]

Programmatically deploying CloudFront distributions in AWS China Regions

Programmatically deploying CloudFront distributions in AWS China Regions

To operate websites, mobile apps, or services accessible to public users in China, companies should complete internet content provider (ICP) recordal and host systems on local servers or approved cloud servers located in mainland China. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers AWS China Regions, two Regions situated in China that allow customers to host websites and […]

Automating CloudFront Continuous Deployment with a CI/CD Pipeline

In November 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of Amazon CloudFront continuous deployment, extending the functionality of your existing CloudFront distributions by allowing you to test and validate configuration changes to a percentage of live traffic before extending to your wider audience. Previously, customers had to do the heavy lifting of changing DNS […]

Introducing CloudFront Security Dashboard, a Unified CDN and Security Experience

Introducing CloudFront Security Dashboard, a Unified CDN and Security Experience

As security threats have become more sophisticated and easier to scale, customers increasingly use Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF together to improve the performance, resiliency, and security of their web applications and APIs. CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that reduces latency by delivering data to viewers anywhere in the world using one of […]

Tracking pixel driven web analytics with Amazon CloudFront: Part 2

This post is a continuation of Tracking Pixel driven web analytics with AWS Edge Services. In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the usage of pixel tracking to provide insights into user behavior. A tracking pixel consists of using a 1×1 transparent pixel with a HTML element to leverage the loading call to send […]