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Amazon CloudFront introduces Server Timing headers

Introduction Amazon CloudFront has recently announced a new feature, Server Timing headers, which provides detailed performance information, such as whether content was served from cache when a request was received, how the request was routed to the CloudFront edge location, and how much time elapsed during each stage of the connection and response process. Server […]

Introducing AWS Cloud WAN (Preview)

Update 7/12/22: AWS Cloud WAN is now generally available. Today, AWS announced the preview release of a new networking service, AWS Cloud WAN. Cloud WAN is a managed wide area networking (WAN) service that makes it easy for you to build, manage, and monitor a global network that connects resources running across your cloud and […]

Introducing AWS Direct Connect SiteLink

SiteLink, a new feature of AWS Direct Connect (DX), makes it easy to send data from one Direct Connect location to another, bypassing AWS Regions. If you recall, Direct Connect is a cloud service that links your network to AWS, bypassing the internet to deliver more consistent, lower-latency performance. Prior to SiteLink, it was not […]

AWS Transit Gateway now supports Intra-Region Peering

AWS Transit Gateway now supports Intra-Region Peering

Introduction When we first released AWS Transit Gateway in 2018, it started with support for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Site-to-Site VPN attachments. Customers loved the simplicity of deploying hub-and-spoke architectures, built-in resiliency and high availability, and the ability to scale to thousands of attachments using a single gateway. Thereafter we followed with […]

Amazon CloudFront introduces Response Headers Policies

Introduction Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) that delivers static and dynamic web content using a global network of edge locations. Customers benefit from better performance, reliability, and increased security of their web applications by including CloudFront in their architecture. The ability to easily modify and manage response headers has been a common […]

Join us for AWS Content Delivery Network Edge Week!

Upcoming Virtual Event Your customers expect low-latency, highly-available connectivity to your web applications all over the world, while your organization demands security, performance, and support at a reasonable cost. AWS CDN Edge Week is an online event series designed to help you navigate these business needs when building solutions in the evolving CDN edge. Join […]

New APIs and functionality for managing Amazon CloudFront CNAMEs

Today, Amazon CloudFront announced the release of two new APIs, ListConflictingAliases and AssociateAlias. These APIs are useful when you need to locate or move Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs) when you encounter the CNAMEAlreadyExists error code. In addition, more use cases have been enabled when you are working with wildcard CNAMEs across accounts. Before diving into […]

Adding MACsec security to AWS Direct Connect connections

AWS Direct Connect now supports MACsec security (IEEE 802.1AE), giving you a new option for securing your data from when it leaves your network until it arrives at AWS. With this release, Direct Connect delivers native, near line-rate, and point-to-point encryption for 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps links. Available at select locations for dedicated connections […]

Reminder: Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront service certificates migrating to Amazon Trust Services starting March 23, 2021

This is a reminder that Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront are migrating their default TLS certificates from DigiCert to Amazon Trust Services, beginning on March 23, 2021. In 2018, AWS announced a broad migration of AWS services’ TLS certificates to our own Certificate Authority, Amazon Trust Services (ATS). Your action may be required to ensure your applications continue normal operation after this […]