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Integrating AWS Verified Access with device trust providers

In this post, we discuss how to architect Zero Trust based remote connectivity on AWS. Specifically, we will be exploring how to integrate Verified Access with CrowdStrike, a device trust provider. This solution builds upon the Okta-based identity provider integration previously published in this AWS post. Zero Trust is a conceptual model, and an associated […]

Introducing AWS Verified Access – General Availability

Introduction AWS Verified Access enables customers to provide VPN-less, secure access to their corporate applications. We released it as a preview during AWS re:Invent 2022. Today, we are happy to announce that this service is now generally available (GA). Built using AWS Zero Trust principles, customers can use Verified Access to reduce the risks associated […]

AWS Verified Access Integration with 3rd party identity providers

AWS Verified Access (AVA) offers a solution to the challenges faced by enterprises by managing remote workforce connectivity through traditional remote access VPNs. It allows remote employees to securely access corporate applications over the Internet while authenticating and authorizing each request. Unlike traditional VPN systems, which lack granularity for application-level authentication and authorization, AVA implements […]