AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager

Most global networks today include resources that are located in the cloud and on premises. To monitor your entire global network today, you must stitch data together from these diverse locations. This results in an inconsistent management and monitoring experience, increased costs and effort, and makes it easier to miss insights due to lack of visibility.

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager provides a single global view of your private network. Start by registering your AWS Transit Gateways and defining your on-premises resources. Our partners, such as Cisco, Aruba, Silver Peak, Aviatrix, and Versa Networks, have configured their software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) devices to connect with Transit Gateway Network Manager in only a few clicks. From there, you define the resources that appear on your Transit Gateway Network Manager dashboard, including devices, sites, and links. Now you can visualize your global network in a topology diagram and on a geographical map. You can review utilization metrics, such as bytes in/out, packets in/out, packets dropped, and alerts for changes in the topology, routing, and up/down connection status, and more easily manage your entire global network.

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Centralized Network Monitoring

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager includes events and metrics to monitor the quality of your global network, both in AWS and on premises. Event alerts specify changes in the topology, routing, and connection status. Usage metrics provide information on up/down connection, bytes in/out, packets in/out, and packets dropped.

Global Network Visibility

Visualize and monitor your global network solely from the dashboard of the AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager. See a list view, logical view, and map view of your network resources and connectivity. Transit Gateway Network Manager notifies you of unhealthy connections, changes in availability and performance across AWS Regions and on-premises sites.

SD-WAN Integration

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager seamlessly integrates with SD-WAN solutions, from Cisco, Aruba, Silver Peak, Aviatrix, and Versa Networks, making it the unified interface to manage your global network across AWS and on-premises locations. These SD-WAN management consoles are configured to automatically create AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections from your premises to AWS.

How it works

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager how it works

Use cases

Quickly add on-premises locations

AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager's SD-WAN partners makes it very easy to add new on-premises locations to your network. You can automatically provision AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections on your SD-WAN devices. You can connect new network locations remotely from your SD-WAN console and the AWS global network.

Respond to connectivity problems

Network Manager provides you with event notifications from a single interface so that you can get a global view of what is happening on your network. You can identify and troubleshoot network problems faster than if you received the information from different tools.

Identify global network issues

Transit Gateway Network Manager enables you to see network activity in many locations from one single dashboard. You can compare activity and identify inconsistencies between on-premises locations and the AWS, or issues that affect several locations differently.

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